Jace Buoyancy Capsule: A Pillow Revolutionizing Sleep

Combining Flexibility, Support, and Comfort

Inspired by Hooke Law and spring mattresses, Hangzhou Jace Health Technology Co., Ltd has created the Jace Buoyancy Capsule. This innovative pillow breaks the industry problem of limited function due to single material and provides users with a new, both supportive and soft sleep experience. With its unique properties and design, the Jace Buoyancy Capsule aims to solve sleep problems such as stiff neck and snoring.

The Jace Buoyancy Capsule stands out from other pillows with its triple sleep system, consisting of springs, natural latex, and elastic fibers. This combination provides flexibility, support, and stress relief. The pillow adjusts according to the sleeping position and weight of the body, offering support, traction, and pressure release for the cervical spine. By reducing the probability of sleep problems like stiff neck and snoring, the Jace Buoyancy Capsule ensures a comfortable and restful sleep.

With three scientific partitions, the Jace Buoyancy Capsule goes beyond traditional pillows. It incorporates antibacterial and anti-mite functions, as well as sweat absorption and breathability. These features further enhance the healthy and comfortable sleep experience, ensuring a clean and refreshing sleeping environment.

The realization of the Jace Buoyancy Capsule involves cutting-edge technology and materials. The springs are made of carbon steel wire, with 6.5 turns and a 50mm diameter, resulting in a softer feel compared to conventional springs. Natural latex, produced using the Dunlop process, achieves a high content and density of 90 percent. The polar elastic fibers, composed of polylactic acid, polyamide, and German thermostatic fibers, provide antibacterial and anti-mite properties, as well as softness and comfort. The pillowcases are made of medical-grade allergy-resistant fabric certified by OEKO-TEX100.

The Jace Buoyancy Capsule measures 60mm x 40mm x 12mm, offering a compact and convenient size for users.

Thanks to its unique design, the Jace Buoyancy Capsule dynamically matches different sleeping positions. The spring, flexible support of natural latex, and wide surface design provide adequate support for the shoulder and neck, even at the edges. The spiral pipe structure of the spring, breathable fiber layer, and latex layer form a three-dimensional hollow spiral breathable system. This system not only has antibacterial and anti-mite effects but also creates a clean and refreshing sleeping environment.

The Jace Buoyancy Capsule was developed over 278 days by the JACE Commodity Center. The project was launched in early 2022 and officially launched in China in February 2023.

Extensive research underlies the design of the Jace Buoyancy Capsule. The partition design incorporates specific spring heights and wire diameters to ensure optimal support for the cervical spine and head. By fitting the pillow to the cervical spine at a height of 7 to 8cm and the head at a height of 5 to 6cm, the Jace Buoyancy Capsule promotes nasal air circulation, reduces snoring, and maintains the best state of pressure relief.

The design team faced challenges in addressing the sound and bacteria breeding caused by oxidation and dampness of the spring wire. To overcome this, they creatively adopted separate single bags for the mini springs, eliminating friction and preventing moisture-related bacteria breeding. The bags are made of moisture-absorbing fiber, creating a high-quality sleeping environment and prolonging the pillow's service life.

The Jace Buoyancy Capsule combines natural latex with independent bagged springs to provide excellent flexibility and support. By offering a comfortable fit for the shoulder and neck, it promotes balance and relaxation in the muscles, reducing the likelihood of stiff neck and snoring. With its antibacterial and anti-mite functions, moisture absorption ability, and overall support, the Jace Buoyancy Capsule ensures users enjoy a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience.

The Jace Buoyancy Capsule has been recognized for its innovation and design. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Bedding Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that demonstrate outstanding creativity and resourcefulness, incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology. The Jace Buoyancy Capsule contributes to improving the quality of life and making the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hangzhou Jace Health Technology Co., Ltd
Image Credits: Hangzhou Jace Health Technology Co., Ltd
Project Team Members: JACE Commodity Center
Project Name: Jace Buoyancy Capsule
Project Client: Hangzhou Jace Health Technology Co., Ltd

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