M Cube: The Ergonomic Neck-Protection AB Pillow

An Innovative Pillow Design by Luolai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd

To obtain the benefits of medicine, material selection, and biomechanical principles, Luolai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd has developed the M Cube, an ergonomic neck-protection AB pillow. This innovative pillow features a split structure with a support layer and a comfy layer, providing effective support for the head, neck, and shoulders. With its unique design and materials, the M Cube ensures a pleasant touch and a sound sleep for its users.

The traditional function pillow design often compromises the functionality of the perfect ergonomic structure by using a single material. However, the M Cube solves this problem with its split structure and innovative materials. By leveraging its structure and material selection, this pillow fully maximizes its ergonomic benefits. Additionally, the M Cube prioritizes the support degree and pressure relief ability, meeting the expectations of consumers in terms of comfort and experience.

The support layer of the M Cube is made of 3D-printed Matrix material, which enhances the structure and dynamic stability when supporting the head and neck. The multi-fiber composite structure and high-hardness high-resilience foam used in the pillow restore the support provided by the 3D printed materials. The comfy layer, made of biobased super soft foam, features a staggered front-back height scheme and a prefabricated structure in the center. This allows the comfy layer to adapt to the stress distribution of different sleeping positions, helping relax muscles and improve comfort.

The M Cube has dimensions of 600 mm x 400 mm x 120 mm, providing ample space for comfortable sleep. Its unique split structure and innovative materials allow for specialization and personalized customization. Users can tailor the pillow height, curve, and support to their body data and specific needs, ensuring an optimal sleeping experience.

Developed in Shanghai in August 2022, the M Cube is set to be launched in China in April 2023. The design team, led by Haihong Qian and Chengbo Shi, conducted extensive research on health pillow consumers to understand their needs and preferences. The team found that consumers prioritize cervical spine health and sleep improvement when purchasing pillow cores. The M Cube addresses these concerns by offering customizable support and comfort, catering to the demands of users aged 26 to 35 who are particularly focused on cervical spine protection.

The development of the M Cube presented various challenges for the design team. The split structure of the support layer and comfort layer required careful consideration of anthropometric parameters and human musculoskeletal system simulation models. Through personalized programming and clinical testing, the team successfully overcame these challenges and created a design that optimizes support and comfort.

The M Cube has been recognized for its excellence in design and innovation. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Bedding Design category in 2023. This prestigious award is given to well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. The M Cube stands out for its integration of industry best practices, competent technical characteristics, and its contribution to a better world through fulfillment and positive feelings.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Luolai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd
Image Credits: Luolai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd
Project Team Members: Haihong Qian Chengbo Shi
Project Name: M Cube
Project Client: Luolai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd

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