2046: A Restaurant Design Revolution by Vison Xu

Blending Film Narrative and Hunan Cuisine in a Sensory Immersive Experience

Vison Xu's award-winning restaurant design, 2046, breaks traditional boundaries, creating a unique dining experience that combines film narrative, vibrant colors, and the essence of Hunan cuisine. This innovative approach to restaurant design has earned Xu the prestigious Silver A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

2046 is not just a restaurant; it's a journey into a diverse world. Inspired by the rapid development of the business era and the new trend of food and beverage consumer interaction, Xu has crafted a space that extends beyond the physical. The design extracts the essence of Hunan cuisine culture, integrating it with the vivid colors and themes from the film 2046, to create a sensory immersive experience.

What sets 2046 apart from traditional restaurants is its multi-faceted approach to dining. It's not just about the food; it's about the experience. The design integrates multiple social experiences and emotional communication, creating a modern artistic sense and a social platform for relatives and friends. The space is divided into three areas: scattered seats, car seats, and private rooms, accommodating everything from casual drinks to grand parties.

The restaurant's unique properties are brought to life through innovative design realization technologies. Crystal glass bricks, aluminum profiles, micro cement, and translucent terrazzo are used in the construction, while the furniture is sourced from Carbon Furniture, and the lighting equipment from Dura Green Lighting. The result is a space that feels both futuristic and nostalgic, a shuttle between the future and the past.

The project, which took three months to plan, select materials, and land, faced several challenges. The main challenge was the narrative combination of film and space. The design team aimed to create a brand new dining experience for young customers from the theme space, using trendy and interesting space materials to create a sense of youth and accurately target customer groups.

2046 is a testament to Vison Xu's innovative approach to design, blending film narrative and cuisine to create a unique dining experience. The design has been recognized with the Silver A' Design Award, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation. As Xu continues to push the boundaries of design, the world eagerly awaits his next creation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Vison Xu
Image Credits: Photographer XIAO EN
Project Team Members: Vison Xu
Project Name: 2046
Project Client: Vison Xu

2046 IMG #2
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2046 IMG #5

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