Riverside 01: A Masterpiece of Modern Architecture by Gabriela Herde

Revolutionizing Facade Design with a Blend of Technology and Sustainability

Inspired by the sensual curves of nature, Gabriela Herde's Riverside 01 is a testament to innovative architectural design. This award-winning project redefines the concept of facade design, blending technology and sustainability with a unique aesthetic appeal.

Herde's inspiration for Riverside 01 came from the natural curves found in the mountains, rivers, and waves of the sea. She was particularly drawn to the concept of Einstein's curved universe, as expressed in the memoirs of Oscar Niemeyer, The Curves of Time. This fascination with curves is reflected in the design of Riverside 01, where the movement of water meeting the sea is represented in the building's base.

The building's unique properties lie in its differentiated treatment of all four facades. Each facade is designed according to its solar positioning, featuring mobile and fixed louvers, vegetation, and suitable coatings. The rooftop, adorned with green slabs, serves as a connection between the river, sea, and sky, adding to the building's rhythm and lightness.

Herde utilized advanced technology in the realization of Riverside 01. The basement's facade features a hollow ACM retrofit with organic volumetry, providing movement. The ACM offers excellent leveling, good thermoacoustic resistance, easy maintenance, and quick installation. The building's main coating is slatted concrete, offering high durability and thermal comfort. Suspended gardens on the slabs further contribute to alleviating thermal impacts.

The project, set to start in January 2023 in Itapema, SC, BR, and finish in February 2026, spans approximately six thousand seven hundred and fifty-eight square meters. Herde's design process involved extensive research, including field trips to cities like Milan, Curitiba, and São Paulo, and studying the works of great architects. The challenge was to transform an initially classic facade into a modern, timeless one, a feat achieved through a differentiated retrofit to the basement and the inclusion of brises and green slabs on the facade.

Riverside 01 has been recognized for its outstanding design, winning the Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is given to designs that demonstrate remarkable expertise, innovation, and artistic skill. Riverside 01, with its unique blend of technology and sustainability, truly embodies these qualities.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Gabriela Herde
Image Credits: Image #1: Designer Diogo Poffo, Riverside, 2022. Image #1: Designer Diogo Poffo, Riverside, 2022. Image #1: Designer Diogo Poffo, Riverside, 2022. Image #1: Designer Diogo Poffo, Riverside, 2022. Image #1: Designer Diogo Poffo, Riverside, 2022. Video Credits:Architect Gabriel Dias, Riverside, 2022. Project Editor:Architect Gabriel Dias, Riverside, 2022.
Project Team Members: Gabriela Herde
Project Name: Riverside 01
Project Client: Gabriela Herde

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