Qingjiu: A Packaging Design Masterpiece

Shenzhen Jinjia New Smart-pkg Co., Ltd's Award-Winning Design Inspired by Feminine Elegance

In a world where women's wine is scarce, Shenzhen Jinjia New Smart-pkg Co., Ltd has created a unique packaging design that not only stands out in the market but also celebrates the noble and elegant temperament of women. The design, named Qingjiu, has been awarded the Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation.

The inspiration for Qingjiu came from the desire to design exclusive product packaging with distinctive female attributes. The bottle shape is inspired by the figure of a woman, integrating Eastern and Western culture and Chinese wine culture. The abstract art treatment of the bottle shape and flat pattern leaves consumers with endless imagination space, showcasing the unique charm of women.

What sets Qingjiu apart from other designs is its dynamic texture and the contrast between the upper and lower parts of the body, adding to the dynamic beauty of the whole bottle. The box structure is segmented by female body curves, further enhancing the design's appeal. Abstract techniques are applied to express a noble and elegant woman, making it a perfect representation of the brand's vision.

The bottle is made of glass and the packaging is foil stamped, a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and elegance. The box is 300mm high, 120mm long, and 115mm wide, making it a perfect fit for the product it houses.

The design was realized by a team of talented individuals, including Chairman Huang Hua, General Manager Yang Mingyu, Design Manager Xie Yi, Designer Lang Xuejiang, three-dimensional artist Wu Junjuan, and Designer Cheng Tiansheng. Their collective efforts resulted in a design that not only stands out in the market but also provides an exclusive experience for female consumers.

The project was started in Shenzhen in April 2022 and completed in August 2022. Despite the challenges of enhancing the special attribute of women's wine through product styling or visual characteristics, the team was able to use modern craftsmanship design and culture to bring female consumers an exclusive experience.

In conclusion, Qingjiu is a testament to the power of design in creating unique and engaging experiences for consumers. Its success is a testament to the creativity and innovation of Shenzhen Jinjia New Smart-pkg Co., Ltd, and a beacon of inspiration for other designers in the industry.

Project Details and Credits

Project Team Members: Chairman:Huang Hua General Manager:Yang Mingyu Design Manager:Xie Yi Designer:Lang Xuejiang three-dimensional:Wu Junjuan Designer:Cheng Tiansheng
Project Name: Qingjiu

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Qingjiu IMG #5

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