ABD Architecture LLC's "Ice and Fire": A Chalet Design Inspired by Nature

Winner of A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023

ABD Architecture LLC's "Ice and Fire" is a unique chalet design inspired by the contrasting elements of nature, specifically, the snow-covered volcano, Mt Yotei, in Niseko, Japan. This design, which won the Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023, is a testament to the firm's innovative approach to architecture and design.

The "Ice and Fire" chalet is part of a 92-plot land development project in Niseko, an international ski resort in Hokkaido, Japan. The design team at ABD Architecture LLC was tasked with creating a rental chalet design that was both cost-effective and appealing to potential land buyers. The resulting design is a stunning representation of the contrast between the harsh winter of Niseko and the warmth and comfort expected in ski resort chalets.

The chalet's unique properties lie in its symbolic representation of the local volcano, Mt Yotei. The dark, cold metal cladding, reminiscent of icicles, protects the building from the cold weather, while the light tone of natural cedar and oak wood and the fireplace at the core of the living area bring a cozy warmth to the interior. This contrast between the cold exterior and warm interior is a nod to the "Ice and Fire" theme.

The design was realized using a linear layout to maximize views of Mt Yotei from the second floor, while maintaining privacy from the neighbors. The team also considered the long and narrow site, creating balconies, cutting the roof with a slight angle, and setting back the building to add parking space. The result is a 220.74 sqm house with 84.15 sqm external spaces, planned to be built on a 787.06 sqm plot.

The chalet features a garage, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a Japanese bath over two levels. The entry of the house is situated in the middle of the front facade for maximum visibility, while the garage is set back and under the balcony to be less prominent. The first floor comprises the garage, the service areas, and two bedrooms, while the second floor contains the living room, a dining-kitchen, a Japanese bath, and the master bedroom.

The design process involved extensive research and 3D modeling of the 92-plot land development, including topography, trees, sidewalks, and streetlights. The team also included a 3D model of the region, including the local volcano from Google Earth, for the accuracy of views. The final renderings are the product of a streamlined process involving BIM architectural software, rendering software, presentation software, and post-processing.

In conclusion, ABD Architecture LLC's "Ice and Fire" chalet is a remarkable example of innovative architecture that blends form and function with a deep appreciation for the natural environment. The design's award-winning status is a testament to the team's skill and creativity, and it sets a high standard for future projects in the field.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Franck Giral
Image Credits: Franck Giral
Project Team Members: Franck Giral Hiroshi Kobayashi Ekarat Masmalai Pierre Biard
Project Name: Ice and Fire
Project Client: Franck Giral

Ice and Fire IMG #2
Ice and Fire IMG #3
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Ice and Fire IMG #5
Ice and Fire IMG #5

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