Delhi Garden: A Blooming Marvel in Interior Design

Architect Du Wenbiao's Floral-Inspired Masterpiece in Kunming

In the heart of Kunming, a city known for its eternal spring, stands a unique architectural marvel - the Delhi Garden. This sales department, designed by Du Wenbiao, is a testament to the city's floral character, shaped like blooming petals and offering a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Delhi Garden draws its inspiration from the city it resides in. Kunming, with its year-round spring-like climate and vibrant flowers, has a distinct personality that is reflected in its buildings. Du Wenbiao and his team at GBD DESIGN envisioned the sales department as a floating island amidst a sea of dreamy flowers, forming a massive, eternal organism.

The uniqueness of the Delhi Garden lies in its integration with the city's character. The interior design, shaped like blooming petals, is complex yet straightforward, creating a balance between function and form. The indoor layout mirrors the shape of petals, while the interior is shaped into blooming petals with a curved surface, exuding tension and complexity.

The project was realized using texture paint, marble, stainless steel, and leather, spanning an area of 1830 square meters. The sales department not only caters to traditional sales and purchase needs but also includes a business exchange area, art salon area, cultural and creative exhibition area, leisure tea area, children's play area, VIP private negotiation area, and a fitness area. This multi-functional space caters to the social, literary, leisure, and exercise needs of its customers.

The project was completed and exhibited in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, in September 2021. The design team's research focused on defining the aesthetics of the future living environment, considering the needs of the future living environment on a time scale. The space is adorned with flower-shaped walls, ceiling shapes, installations, and furniture, with the abnormal shapes posing a challenge in the production process.

The biggest challenge in realizing this design was the curved surface modeling technology of wide opening and closing and full of tension in the space. The connection accuracy and picture unity between each shape and furniture in the space were also challenging. Despite these challenges, the Delhi Garden stands as a testament to Du Wenbiao's architectural prowess, earning him the Platinum A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: GBD
Image Credits: Photo # 1-5: photographer Yanming Photos,2021
Project Team Members: GBD DESIGN
Project Name: Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden
Project Client: GBD

Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden IMG #2
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden IMG #3
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden IMG #4
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden IMG #5
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden IMG #5

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