Blossom Wonder: A Revolutionary Interactive Installation

Blu Lv's Award-Winning Design Fuses Digital Innovation with Natural Beauty

Blu Lv's Blossom Wonder, an interactive installation inspired by the concept of "flower cultivation," offers a unique blend of digital creativity and realistic scenes, introducing an intelligent ecosystem to the traditional natural garden. This innovative design, which won the Silver A' Interactive, Experiential and Design Installations Award in 2023, aims to inspire viewers and provide a healing experience.

The Blossom Wonder installation stands out for its unique properties. It presents the natural vitality of plants and flowers, expressing life's messages and energy in a way that can inspire viewers. The design team used parametric modeling and ultra-high definition LED flexible screens to create dynamic, rhythmic curves inspired by the shape of flowers. The seamless stitching of mirror stainless steel and the screen offers an infinite extension of the visual effect, creating a surreal sense of the device.

Interaction is at the core of this installation. The design team selected seven flowers from the "flower cultivation" concept as the medium for artistic expression, reflecting different emotional and health states. After interacting with Blossom Wonder, users generate their own flowers on their mobile phones. These flowers can be pointed at the device's sensors and blossomed in the center of the screen, mapping the visitor's state of mind at the moment.

The project, which started in February 2022 in Hangzhou and finished in June 2022 in Hebei, was exhibited in Ovation Seven-Cultivation Hotel in June 2022. The design team faced several challenges during the project, including achieving an innovative breakthrough in new materials and matching the entire environment in terms of shape, structure, and display content. Despite these challenges, they succeeded in creating the world's first multi-dimensional, multi-sensory digital immersive garden.

The design team's research goal was to explore the connection between flowers and human behavior and mood. They collected a large number of pictures of different kinds of flowers, extracting their color and texture. The collected information was integrated in Touch Designer, and finally transformed into visual content to present to the audience, allowing them to feel the influence of flowers on them through Blossom Wonder.

Blossom Wonder has been recognized for its innovative design, winning the Silver A' Interactive, Experiential and Design Installations Award in 2023. This award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation. These designs, admired for their strong technical characteristics and splendid artistic skill, showcase a remarkable level of excellence and introduce positive feelings, amazement, and wonder.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: 杭州沉浸数字科技有限公司 BLUBLU IMMERSIVE
Image Credits: 杭州沉浸数字科技有限公司 BLUBLU IMMERSIVE
Project Team Members: Qiaochu Lv Changsui Lin Yiwei Liao Yongtao Kuang Weibin Liu Wei Lin Chaofan Li Yue Wan Xinyi Li
Project Name: Blossom Wonder
Project Client: 杭州沉浸数字科技有限公司 BLUBLU IMMERSIVE

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Blossom Wonder IMG #5

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