Bathing Sunshine: A Creative and Healthy Office Design in Taoyuan, Taiwan

Transforming an Old House into a Modern and Functional Office Space

The Bathing Sunshine office, designed by Chiung Ying Hsu, is a remarkable example of how a traditional house can be transformed into a vibrant and functional workspace. By liberating the layout, function, and light, this office design creates a comfortable and inspiring environment for communication, cooperation, and creativity.

The design team at MJ interiordesign took on the challenge of renovating an old house in Taoyuan, Taiwan, to create a unique office space that promotes a healthy and collaborative work culture. The inspiration for the design came from the desire to soften the sense of space with organic free forms and create a contrast between modern comfort and rough natural style.

One of the standout features of the Bathing Sunshine office is the open and flexible layout. By removing traditional closed office compartments, the design allows sunlight to flow seamlessly throughout the space, promoting a sense of openness and communication. The office also features a variety of material vocabularies, including wood, stone, and natural colors, creating a comfortable and organic atmosphere.

The realization of the design involved addressing the water leakage problem and improving the basic structure of the old house. The traditional office compartments were replaced with an open pattern and a moving line layout, allowing for a more efficient flow of movement and communication. Storage spaces along the walls were strategically placed, and entrances to the bathroom and storage rooms were hidden to maximize the overall sense of space and expand the range of indoor lighting.

The Bathing Sunshine office incorporates the principles of green decoration and environmental friendliness. Non-toxic and healthy materials were used, and the design emphasizes natural light and the use of natural materials such as wood and stone. The ceiling height variation not only adds visual interest but also hides pipelines and air conditioning equipment, defining different areas within the office.

Functionality and comfort were key considerations in the design process. The office layout promotes communication, cooperation, and creative workspaces. The open and flexible design allows for easy movement and interaction, while the use of elements such as vitreous brick, cement, and wallpaper adds unique style inspirations to different corners of the office.

The Bathing Sunshine office project started in September 2021 and was completed in 2022 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Throughout the design process, the team faced challenges such as addressing the water leakage problem and integrating the requirements of work efficiency and aesthetic performance. However, these challenges were overcome, resulting in a comfortable and non-toxic working environment that aligns with the brand's core values.

The Bathing Sunshine office design has been recognized for its excellence and creativity. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that demonstrate outstanding creativity, technical skills, and contributions to improving the quality of life.

The Bathing Sunshine office is a testament to the transformative power of design. By repurposing an old house, Chiung Ying Hsu and the MJ interiordesign team have created a vibrant and healthy workspace that fosters communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: CHIUNG YING HSU
Image Credits: CHIUNG YING HSU
Project Team Members: CHIUNG YING HSU
Project Name: Bathing Sunshine
Project Client: CHIUNG YING HSU

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Bathing Sunshine IMG #5

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