Super Ego: A Satirical Take on Social Media Culture

Kutuko Studio's Award-Winning Digital Art Piece Critiques Social Media's Impact on Ego

Super Ego, a digital art piece by Kutuko Studio, humorously critiques the impact of social media on individual egos. This award-winning design, inspired by animated films and various artists, offers a unique perspective on the modern digital culture.

Super Ego stands out for its unique approach to a common social issue. It is a digital art piece that humorously criticises the consumption and impact that social networks have on people, artificially feeding the individual EGO of many of its users. This piece was born from a personal reflection on how the use of mobile phones and social networks impact the way people think. Kutuko Studio drew inspiration from a variety of artists and animated films, aiming to give the piece an affable character in contrast to the criticism it hides.

The production process of Super Ego involved brainstorming, sketching, and execution using various digital tools. The team used Cinema4D for lighting, texturing, rigging, Zbrush for modelling, After Effects for post-production, and Photoshop for final retouching. The result is a high-resolution piece (4960X7015 pixels, TIFF RGB) that combines technical precision with artistic creativity.

Super Ego was created as an internal project in Kutuko Studio. The main still is the one that allows you to see the whole character, although they have extracted some stills of detail shots to better perceive some elements of the image as well as textures. The project was set up during the first months of 2020 in Kutuko Studio, Madrid.

The project required extensive research and analysis of the reality hidden in social networks. The team began by detecting the main consequences of the numerous rains of likes or the lack of them until they found the key, the ego. They chose a social network with which to identify their character and worked on the environment where they wanted to place it. The creative challenge was to transform a criticism into an affable character that showed the reality of society but with a touch of humour.

Super Ego has been recognized for its creative and technical excellence. It was awarded Silver in A' Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation.

In conclusion, Super Ego by Kutuko Studio is a unique digital art piece that offers a satirical yet insightful critique of social media's impact on individual egos. Its blend of technical precision and artistic creativity, along with its social relevance, has earned it recognition in the design world. The piece serves as a reminder of the power of design as a tool for social commentary and critique.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Carlos Cabrera
Image Credits: Super Ego by Kutuko Studio CREATIVE DIRECTOR & CGI: Carlos Cabrera MODELER: Irene M. de Torres DIGITAL RETOUCH: Maite Martínez Senosiain
Project Team Members: COMPANY:KUTUKO STUDIO CREATIVE DIRECTOR & CGI: Carlos Cabrera MODELER: Irene M. de Torres DIGITAL RETOUCH: Maite Martínez Senosiain
Project Name: Super Ego
Project Client: Carlos Cabrera

Super Ego IMG #2
Super Ego IMG #3
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Super Ego IMG #5

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