Biotechnological Lamp: A Fusion of Nature and Precision

Kutuko Studio's Bioo: An Award-Winning Design Masterpiece

Introducing Bioo, a biotechnological lamp designed by Kutuko Studio. This innovative design, which combines nature and technology, has been recognized with the prestigious Golden A' Design Award in 2023.

The inspiration behind Bioo was to create a sense of intrigue and expectation, using light and nature as key design elements. The result is a lamp that not only illuminates your space but also brings a touch of nature into your home. The lamp's unique feature is its biological switch - it turns on at the touch of a plant. This high-end product, exclusively produced in Barcelona, is a testament to Kutuko Studio's commitment to spectacular, elegant, and aesthetic design.

To bring this design to life, Kutuko Studio utilized a variety of tools and technologies. The team began with a search for inspiration on websites such as Behance, Vimeo, and Pinterest, which they compiled on moodboards within the Milanote website. The 3D elements were created using Cinema 4D software and the Redshift rendering engine. Hand tracking was achieved with a motion capture camera, and particle simulations were done with the xparticles plugin.

The Bioo lamp is designed for optimal use on social media and digital platforms, with specific proportions for different digital channels. The video project is a standard Full-HD 1920X1080px format with optimized compression for social media and digital media such as web or e-commerce.

The design process, which took place from September 2021 to January 2022 in Madrid, involved a team of creative directors, 3D artists, 2D artists, and sound effects specialists. The team faced several challenges, including the implementation of a realistic hand and ensuring that all interior spaces maintained the same style. Despite these challenges, the team was able to create a cohesive and visually stunning design.

In conclusion, Bioo is a testament to Kutuko Studio's innovative approach to design. This biotechnological lamp, which combines nature and technology in a unique and elegant way, is a deserving winner of the Golden A' Design Award. Bioo is not just a lamp - it's a piece of art that brings nature and precision into your home.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Carlos Cabrera
Image Credits: Boutique Visual Kutuko Studio, Bioolux, 2021
Project Team Members: - Creative Director: Carlos Cabrera Ibón Vergara - 3D Artist: Mario Fides Javier García - 2D Artist: Víctor Angulo -SFX: Rodrigo Marchán
Project Name: Bioo
Project Client: Carlos Cabrera

Bioo  IMG #2
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Bioo  IMG #5
Bioo  IMG #5

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