Ware Elegance: A Multi-Faceted Commercial Space

A Sustainable and Humanistic Design by Feng-Shan Hsu

Ware Elegance is a complex space that combines dining, porcelain, furniture, and artwork display, offering a diverse aesthetic experience. The designer, Feng-Shan Hsu, aimed to create an aesthetically pleasing space that conveys the concept of "space is art and art is space."

When transforming the house into a multi-faceted complex, Feng-Shan Hsu minimized visual obstructions by reducing the number of walls and partitions in the small space. The ground floor showcases a modern European style, while the second floor features a flexible display area with Oriental Zen elements and wooden grilles. This design approach ensures that any style of art collection or artwork from around the world will harmoniously fit into the space.

The materials used in the realization of Ware Elegance include Italian mineral eco-friendly paint, wood grain tiles, iron parts, wood grating, trims, baking paint, and EGGER board. The first floor boasts three curved levels that extend from the smooth lines of the facade to the ceiling, resembling ginkgo leaves with natural vitality. The walls of the staircase and the first and second floors are hand-painted with mineral paint, creating delicate patterns of flowers and plants. These patterns offer different tactile and visual experiences depending on the light source and angle.

With a total area of 165.2 square meters spread across three floors, Ware Elegance features a curved ceiling that echoes the shape of a ginkgo leaf, connecting the interior with the courtyard. The interior layout and exhibition spaces provide visitors with an aesthetic experience akin to visiting a gallery. Glass, porcelain, paintings, and other artworks are seamlessly blended, offering enjoyment in both the interior planning and the art collection.

The design styles incorporated in Ware Elegance include American, modern European, Oriental Zen, and minimalist. The combination of these styles on each floor adds diversity and caters to different states of mind as visitors move through the space.

Ware Elegance is a renovation project completed in August 2019 in Taiwan. The designer, Feng-Shan Hsu, carefully considered the original layout of the small space and numerous partitions to meet the client's demand for displaying various styles of artwork. By reducing partitions and incorporating large glass windows, the space feels visually expansive. The use of modern European and American, Oriental Zen, and minimalist styles on each floor further enhances the diversity of the space.

Through Ware Elegance, Feng-Shan Hsu successfully created a sustainable and humanistic space that seamlessly integrates art and design. This design has been recognized with the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. The award acknowledges the outstanding creativity and resourcefulness of the design, which contributes to improving the quality of life and making the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Feng-Shan Hsu
Image Credits: Center Interior Design
Project Team Members: Feng-Shan Hsu
Project Name: Ware Elegance
Project Client: Feng-Shan Hsu

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Ware Elegance IMG #5

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