Liang Bai Kai: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Reviving Ancient Art through Modern Packaging Design

In an era where design and tradition intersect, Tiger Pan's Liang Bai Kai stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of ancient art and modern innovation. This article delves into the unique properties, inspiration, and realization of this award-winning design.

The Liang Bai Kai, a drinking water bottle, is a unique creation by renowned designer Tiger Pan. The design draws inspiration from the national treasury artwork of Riverside Scene from Tsingming, a masterpiece from the Song dynasty over 1000 years ago. This artwork, unlike others of its time, depicts the life of ordinary people rather than nobles, resonating with the essence of Liang Bai Kai. The painting is meticulously repainted and carved onto the bottles, bringing a piece of ancient Chinese art into the hands of modern consumers.

What sets Liang Bai Kai apart is its dual function. It not only serves as a container for cool-down boiled water, a daily habit traced back to 7BC in China, but also shares a significant part of ancient Chinese art with its consumers. The bottle's label-less design further enhances its uniqueness, allowing the artwork to take center stage.

The realization of this design involved a careful selection of materials and techniques. The choice of glass over plastic elevates the bottle's gloss and texture, setting it apart from its competitors. The artwork, initially vague in its original form, was rearranged and repainted, divided across 12 bottles to represent the 12 earthly branches hours. After experimenting with four different crafts, the team successfully implemented heat transfer printing to bring the drawings to life.

The design process, carried out in Shenzhen over five months, posed several challenges. One of the key challenges was to make the product easily recognizable and appealing to consumers, while presenting the brand image of Liang Bai Kai in a contemporary aesthetic. The solution lay in creating a distinctive symbol, an explicit layout of information, and a unified serial system of packaging.

The Liang Bai Kai is not just a water bottle; it is a symbol of heritage brought to life through modern design. It offers consumers a different perspective to appreciate traditional arts, while serving a practical purpose. This design has earned Tiger Pan the Platinum A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, a recognition for world-class, exceptional, and highly innovative designs that contribute to societal wellbeing.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: TIGER PAN
Image Credits: Tiger Pan
Project Team Members: Chief Designer: Tiger Pan Assistant Designer: Xuedan Xia Technical Support: Zhangkun Xie Technical Support: Miaorong Lu Illustrator: Ping Yi 3D Renderer: Yuling Zhu Video Editing: Chao Ma Project Manager: Hua You
Project Name: Liang Bai Kai
Project Client: TIGER PAN

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Liang Bai Kai IMG #5

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