Revolutionizing Tea Packaging: Bama Elegant Meeting

Exploring Tang Shengxing's Award-Winning Design

Unveiling the unique design elements of the Bama Elegant Meeting, a tea packaging concept by Tang Shengxing that marries traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern design principles.

The Bama Elegant Meeting, a tea packaging concept by Tang Shengxing, is a testament to the harmonious blend of form and function. The design draws inspiration from the traditional Chinese garden, specifically the Taihu stone, a common element in these gardens. The result is a tea can that is not only visually appealing but also symbolic, embodying the elegance and sophistication associated with tea-drinking in Chinese culture.

What sets the Bama Elegant Meeting apart from other tea packaging designs is its deep-rooted connection to Chinese culture. The design incorporates four plants - plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum - each symbolizing a gentleman in traditional China. This symbolism is not merely aesthetic; it serves to create associations between the different varieties of tea and the personalities of these four plants, thereby enhancing the tea-drinking experience.

The Bama Elegant Meeting is crafted from ceramic and paper, a combination that further enhances its elegance and sophistication. With dimensions of 230mm*230mm*210mm, the tea can is compact yet spacious enough to house the tea leaves. The design was conceptualized in Shenzhen in July 2022 and was subsequently released in 3500 tea shops across China in January 2023.

The design has been lauded for its innovative approach to tea packaging, earning it the Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023. The award recognizes designs that showcase outstanding expertise and innovation, and the Bama Elegant Meeting certainly fits the bill. Its unique blend of traditional symbolism and modern design principles has not only revolutionized tea packaging but also elevated the tea-drinking experience.

It's worth noting that the Bama Elegant Meeting is not just a design marvel; it's also a patented product. The design has been granted a Chinese appearance patent, with Bama Tea Industry Co., Ltd. as the patent holder. This further underscores the design's uniqueness and the creative genius of its designer, Tang Shengxing.

In conclusion, the Bama Elegant Meeting is a shining example of how design can enhance not just the visual appeal of a product but also its cultural significance and user experience. It's a testament to Tang Shengxing's ability to marry traditional aesthetics with modern design principles, creating a product that is not just functional but also deeply symbolic and culturally relevant.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Tang Shengxing
Image Credits: Tang Shengxing
Project Team Members: Tang Shengxing
Project Name: Bama Elegant Meeting
Project Client: Tang Shengxing

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Bama Elegant Meeting IMG #5

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