Reev Cruiser: The Future of Micromobility

Introducing the Safest and Most Innovative Electric Scooter

The Reev Cruiser is revolutionizing the micromobility industry with its cutting-edge design and advanced features.

With the micromobility sector expanding rapidly, safety concerns have become a pressing issue. Traditional scooters often lack the necessary technology and infrastructure to ensure rider safety, leading to accidents and a negative reputation for the industry. However, the Reev Cruiser aims to change that narrative.

Designed by the talented Tamir Mizrahi, the Reev Cruiser merges the automotive industry with electric scooters, creating a smart and safe mode of transportation. This innovative scooter is equipped with features such as ABS, anti-collision radar, trip loggers for speed recommendation, hybrid dual brake systems, and fire detection systems. These advanced technologies, combined with an automotive chassis design and auto turn signals, ensure maximum safety for riders.

One of the standout features of the Reev Cruiser is its in-app parent control, allowing parents to monitor and control their child's scooter usage. Additionally, the scooter's anti-theft system, customizable light themes, and Bluetooth connectivity further enhance the user experience. Through a user-friendly phone app, riders can easily detect and prevent theft, identify any computer or mechanical issues, and even operate Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The Reev Cruiser is not only technologically advanced but also built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The design team developed a robust and long-lasting structure using tin folding, ensuring durability and affordability. With eight functional prototypes created since 2021, the Reev Cruiser has been extensively tested to withstand shaking, stumbling, and heavy rain.

Technical specifications of the Reev Cruiser include dimensions of 620mm width, 1350mm length, and 1280mm height. It has a top speed of 56KpH and weighs 29.5kg. The scooter is powered by a lithium battery with a capacity of 1/5 kWh, 48v 30Amp.

The Reev Cruiser project began in February 2021 and was completed in December 2022 in Yehud, Israel. Throughout the design process, extensive research was conducted to ensure the scooter's functionality, lightweight design, affordability, and durability. The use of tin folds as the primary design element allowed the team to create a visually striking scooter that embodies the high-tech capabilities of the Reev brand.

The Reev Cruiser has already gained recognition in the design world, receiving the prestigious Iron A' Design Award in the Scooter Design category in 2023. This award recognizes the scooter's well-designed, practical, and innovative features that meet professional and industrial requirements. The Reev Cruiser sets a new standard for micromobility, integrating industry best practices and advanced technology to provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

With its groundbreaking design and advanced features, the Reev Cruiser is leading the way in the future of micromobility. Tamir Mizrahi's creation is not only a mode of transportation but a statement of safety, innovation, and style.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Tamir Mizrahi
Image Credits: Tamir Mizrahi
Project Team Members: Tamir Mizrahi
Project Name: Reev Cruiser
Project Client: Tamir Mizrahi

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Reev Cruiser IMG #5

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