White Friday: A Magazine Cover Design

Creating Excitement and Surprises

The White Friday magazine cover design by Sara Alzahrani is a visually stunning representation of the company's purpose and the excitement of the shopping season. With its unique concept and attention-grabbing elements, this design aims to captivate readers and promote the great deals offered during the White Friday campaign.

The inspiration for the White Friday magazine cover design came from the company's mission to add beats to people's lives every day. During the Black Friday shopping season, people are eager to find the best prices on their everyday needs, such as hair and skin devices and products. The design team wanted to convey the message of appreciation, giving, and surprises, which led them to incorporate gift boxes as the main visual element.

The use of gift boxes in different sizes and shapes creates a sense of excitement and anticipation. Each box represents a surprise waiting to be opened, symbolizing the great deals and offers available to customers during the White Friday campaign. To make the design more relatable, a model from the target age group is centered in a large gift box, emphasizing the connection between the campaign and the target audience.

The White Friday magazine cover design stands out with its strong visual impact and unique concept. It effectively communicates the objective of the campaign, which is to boost sales and attract customers with irresistible deals. By using gift boxes as a visual metaphor, the design captures the essence of appreciation and giving, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement among readers.

This exceptional design has been recognized with the Iron A' Design Award in the Advertising, Marketing, and Communication Design category in 2023. The award acknowledges the design's practicality, innovation, and adherence to professional and industrial standards. The White Friday magazine cover design showcases industry best practices and technical excellence, contributing to a better world by providing fulfillment and positive experiences.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Sara Alzahrani
Image Credits: Sara Alzahrani
Project Team Members: Sara Alzahrani
Project Name: White Friday
Project Client: Sara Alzahrani

White Friday  IMG #2
White Friday  IMG #3
White Friday  IMG #4
White Friday  IMG #5
White Friday  IMG #5

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