Haokan City: A Video Creation and Communication Platform

Revitalizing Traditional Culture through Innovative Expression

Haokan City is an online and offline video creation activity focusing on city brands. It aims to connect traditional culture with young creators and enhance their cultural identity and innovative inheritance. Through the use of modern technology and innovative expression, Haokan City combines city humanistic characteristics, local cultural tourism, fashion, and new technology to create a customized icon for each city.

With the understanding of traditional architecture, costume, and culture, the designers behind Haokan City have transformed creatives into identifiers, visuals, images, and short films. They redefine brand images through dynamic propaganda, 3D display, metaverse, and other new digital technologies, making traditional culture visible, audible, and perceptible. Notably, traditional Chinese knot buttons, piping, weaving, and embroidery are fully displayed in the outfit of the platform's character, Dongfang Chen, through 3D simulation.

Haokan City encourages old artists to showcase ancient skills and folk art to a wider audience through the advantages of the short video platform. It also attracts young creativity to record the unique traditional city culture using innovative expression techniques. Offline, Haokan City holds various grand activities and collaborates with industries such as political tourism, cultural tourism, and fast consumer goods in innovative and interactive ways to expand the application of industry scenarios.

The project was designed and developed in Beijing in February 2022 and was launched in Shenzhen, China in July 2022. It aims to revitalize regional city content by presenting the cultural landscape of the city to young users through high-quality videos. Haokan City breaks cultural barriers, promotes urban cultural digital upgrades, and creates a new creation ecosystem with firm cultural confidence, reviving the charm of traditional culture in modern times.

Haokan City was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Advertising, Marketing, and Communication Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes the project's outstanding and creatively ingenious design, which authenticates experience and resourcefulness. The project incorporates best practices in art, science, design, and technology, exhibiting strong technical and creative skills while contributing to quality of life improvements.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Image Credits: Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Project Team Members: Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Project Name: Haokan City
Project Client: Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing

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Haokan City IMG #5

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