Absolut Lab: A Fluid and Artistic Shopping Experience

Creating a Modular Space Inspired by the Mobius Strip

ABSOLUT LAB, the global program of Sweden vodka brand Absolut, unveiled its first experiential store in Shanghai, China. Renovated from an existing site, this pop-up store showcased a free and artistic lifestyle through a modular system, drawing design inspiration from the Mobius Strip.

The ABSOLUT LAB pop-up store in Shanghai is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence and innovation. The space was transformed from a narrow area into a fluid and dynamic environment that captivated Chinese consumers. The design team at Moneys Studio, led by Joyce Dong, Yue Qian, Wenhao Liu, Shijie Li, and Ting-yu Chen, successfully created a space that embodied ABSOLUT's century-old brand culture while embracing a low-carbon and environment-friendly approach.

The key feature of the ABSOLUT LAB store is its modular design. The space is formed by reusable modular components, which not only transcend time but also echo the everlasting charm of the century-old brand. The modular approach allowed for a sense of lightness and fluidity, creating a modern shopping experience that reflects the brand's spirit of innovation. Just like the Mobius Strip, the space features a distinctive style and a sense of free fusion.

The entrance of the store is particularly striking, featuring a corridor made of curved polycarbonate sheets and mirrored materials. This corridor extends from the indoors to the public outdoor spaces, breaking the spatial boundary and creating a curving circulation route. The mirrored ceiling inside the store erases the sense of narrowness, showcasing a new and diversified image of the brand.

When it comes to the technical specifications, the ABSOLUT LAB store prioritizes low-carbon and eco-friendly design. Recyclable kraft paper, stainless steel, and polycarbonate sheets were chosen as the main materials. Paper rolls were used for a large area of walls, avoiding pollution brought by oil painting. The modules in the interior space were mainly made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and sustainability. All the props used in the store can be recycled after the temporary space is dismantled.

Creating a pop-up store that reflects the brand's features in a space less than 150 square meters through a low-carbon and environment-friendly way was a significant challenge. However, the designers at Moneys Studio overcame this challenge by adopting a modular approach. The modular components not only protected the environment but also satisfied functional needs. The construction of the store was completed in just 60 hours, thanks to the efficiency of the prefabricated modules.

The ABSOLUT LAB pop-up store in Shanghai is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Through its modular design and fluid spatial experience, it offers Chinese consumers a unique and artistic shopping experience. The ABSOLUT LAB store received the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023 in recognition of its outstanding and creatively ingenious design that brings together art, science, design, and technology.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Moneys Studio
Image Credits: YKS
Project Team Members: Joyce Dong Yue Qian Wenhao Liu Shijie Li Ting-yu Chen
Project Name: Absolut Lab
Project Client: Moneys Studio

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Absolut Lab IMG #5

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