Eastern Seawall: A Harmonious Blend of Design and Environment

Yi Zhang's Award-Winning Signage System Transforms Shenzhen's Dapeng Peninsula

Yi Zhang's Eastern Seawall project, an innovative signage system, has successfully transformed the Dapeng Peninsula in Shenzhen into an experience-oriented tourist site. The design, which won the Silver A' Design Award in 2023, connects six distinct areas along the 32km shoreline, creating a unique, immersive experience for visitors.

The Eastern Seawall project was inspired by the natural beauty of the Dapeng Peninsula, known for its picturesque fishing villages and extensive coastline. The design aimed to endow the existing seawall with an ideal tourist function, connecting villages, roads, destinations, and activity spaces in the region. The result is a new type of experience-oriented tourist site that offers a fresh, interesting, and complete experience for visitors.

What sets this design apart is its unique approach to signage. The project connects six areas visually through a unified signage system, creating a unique experience for visitors to enjoy the native features and vitality of the region. The main design concept, "reading on the way," provides visitors with information through signboards, site maps, and ecology introductions for roads and entrances. The modular structures were adopted to meet the needs of different venues, making the design adaptable and versatile.

The realization of the Eastern Seawall project was a feat of design and engineering. The 32km shoreline of the Dapeng Peninsula, divided into six disconnected parts, is dotted with boards in compact structures. The installation was easy and fast due to stage construction and a long cycle. The coastal conditions, including typhoons, high salt, and high humidity, posed challenges that were overcome with innovative design solutions. The boards can reduce wind loads and combine with permanent poles, avoiding looseness and corrosion of regular metal fasteners, making them easy to maintain.

The technical specifications of the design include 2800mmx130mmx130mm Anti-corrosion Merbau Hardwood and a 10mm Steel Skeleton of Cross Bracing. The design team, led by creative director Zhang Yi and project manager Wen Yuehua, worked diligently to bring this project to fruition. The design was completed on September 22, 2022, in the Dapeng District of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

The Eastern Seawall project is a testament to the power of design in transforming public spaces. The project was awarded Silver in A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023, a prestigious accolade that rewards top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation. The Eastern Seawall project, with its harmonious blend of design and environment, is a shining example of this.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Updesign
Image Credits: Updesign
Project Team Members: Zhang Yi(creative director) Wen Yuehua(project manager) Yan Meiying(designer) Wu Siying(designer)
Project Name: Eastern Seawall
Project Client: Updesign

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Eastern Seawall IMG #5

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