Baidu AI Cloud Revolutionizes Pipeline Inspection with AI

Unmanned Inspection System Improves Efficiency and Safety in High-Risk Scenarios

China's oil and gas pipeline transportation system, known for its complexity and potential hazards, has been revolutionized by Baidu AI Cloud's innovative inspection system. This system, awarded Silver in A' Interface, Interaction and User Experience Design Award in 2023, integrates advanced technologies to improve inspection efficiency, ensure personnel safety, and provide early accident warnings.

Baidu AI Cloud, in response to the challenges posed by the enclosed and complex nature of China's pipeline transportation system, developed an inspection system that deeply integrates AI with oil and gas pipeline inspection. This system, inspired by the need for safer and more efficient inspection methods, is a unique solution to the problems faced in traditional patrol inspections.

The system's unique properties lie in its ability to combine various intelligent devices and utilize technologies such as industrial big data, edge computing, digital twin, the Internet of Things, GIS, and 5G. This allows for unmanned or minimally manned inspections in high-risk scenarios, a significant improvement over traditional manual labor inspections.

Realization of this design involved the integration of advanced technologies with inspection scenarios, providing users with functional services including intelligent identification of safety risks, automatic reporting of abnormal incidents, and 3D visual remote monitoring. The system achieves unmanned intelligent inspection and linkage of early warning for abnormal events, thus improving the safety quality of inspection.

Users can manage robots, develop inspection plans, and view and process any situation in the pipeline through PC terminals. They can also view information on mobile phones, large screens, and PCs. This multi-terminal linkage interaction reduces limits of time and space, improves the quality of inspection, and ensures the safety of personnel.

Designed in China in May 2022, the system has been implemented in Chinese enterprises since August, with continuous updates being made to meet new requirements. The design process involved numerous user interviews and field research, leading to the development of a system that greatly improved inspection efficiency and ensured safety production.

The Baidu inspection system, a testament to the power of AI in revolutionizing traditional processes, is a significant step forward in the field of pipeline inspection. It not only improves the quality and efficiency of enterprises' safety management but also contributes to the protection of people’s lives and safety.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Baidu AI Cloud
Image Credits: Optional Image #4: Photographer Juan Xiong, illustration, 2022. Copyrights belong to Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, 2022.
Project Team Members: Qianle Wu Juan Xiong Xin Yang Lu Han Mingzhi Wang Tingting Wang Youping Yu Feng Huang Mingfa Zhu Hong Cheng
Project Name: Safety Production
Project Client: Baidu AI Cloud

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Safety Production IMG #5

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