Solara: Revolutionizing Home Cleaning with Innovative Design

Yasemin Ulukan's Award-Winning Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

In a world where efficiency and convenience are paramount, Yasemin Ulukan has designed Solara, a cordless vacuum cleaner that brings together power, practicality, and aesthetic appeal. This innovative design, born out of the need for a high-performing, low-cost cleaning device, has been recognized with a prestigious Silver A' Home Appliances Design Award in 2023.

Ulukan's inspiration for Solara stems from the advancements in battery technology that have made cordless vacuums a more practical choice for everyday cleaning needs. With increasingly busy lifestyles, the portability and convenience of cordless vacuum cleaners have made them a popular choice for households seeking efficient and effective cleaning solutions.

Solara stands out from other vacuum cleaners with its unique features. Equipped with a 400W BLDC motor and a 2500 mAh 72Wh 8-cell battery, Solara utilizes Multi-cyclone technology with three-stage speed adjustment. The vacuum cleaner also includes an easy push and empty button for quick cleaning of the 1.4lt dustbin. The addition of a parking station with a charging function provides a dedicated storage space for Solara, adding to its convenience.

The production process of Solara is environmentally friendly, with all plastic parts made from recycled material. Special machines and application jigs have been designed and produced for each part for the application of hot stamping on it. This process, pioneered by Arnica, is expected to open a new horizon in the small household appliances sector.

Solara's operation flow is designed to be simple and intuitive, focusing on convenience and ease of use. The vacuum cleaner's 1.4lt dustbin, with a 0.7lt dust capacity, contains a highly effective cyclonic filtration system that can capture even the smallest particles, making it ideal for those with allergies. The 28.8 V battery offers 45 minutes of continuous cleaning time, and the vacuum can be detached from the stick for cleaning various surfaces with customized attachments.

Despite the challenges faced in creating a model that not only cleans effectively but also adds an element of fun and excitement to the cleaning process, Ulukan succeeded in designing Solara. The use of hot foil process instead of sheet metal increased cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. The process, however, required surfaces suitable for hot foil, which was the most challenging part due to process limitations.

With its innovative design and functionality, Solara has been recognized with a Silver A' Home Appliances Design Award in 2023. This award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that demonstrate outstanding expertise and innovation. Solara, with its strong technical characteristics and splendid artistic skill, showcases a remarkable level of excellence and introduces positive feelings, amazement, and wonder.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Yasemin Ulukan
Image Credits: Yasemin Ulukan
Project Team Members: Yasemin Ulukan
Project Name: Solara
Project Client: Yasemin Ulukan

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