Pavilion 8: A Unique Used Car Store Design

Integrating Design Sense and Greenery

The Pavilion 8 project by designer Yao-Chi Shih is a remarkable used car store that aims to rival the design sense of a brand car factory. With its distinctive courtyard and innovative use of materials, this design stands out from traditional car stores.

The inspiration for Pavilion 8 came from the desire to strengthen the identity of local merchants. The designer used the company name "發, FA" which sounds like the number "8" in Chinese, and turned it into the symbol of infinity "∞". This symbol of infinity is represented by interlacing corrugated steel boards that enclose a courtyard, creating a unique and eye-catching design. The signage is seamlessly integrated into the building, making it a landmark in the city.

What sets Pavilion 8 apart from other car stores is its focus on design and greenery. The space is filled with green elements, and the traditional-style courtyard connects the outdoor greenery with the indoor space, creating a sense of transparency and enhancing the visual effect of the space. The shape changes of the corrugated steel sheets convey a streamlined sense and a tension of space, giving the building a unique and dynamic appearance.

In terms of construction, the design follows the principles of traditional courtyard-style architecture. The space is presented with a combination of indoor, outdoor, and interstitial spaces, creating multiple layers and a wider sense of space. The use of colored corrugated steel plates from local iron factories and steel structure folding plates ensures a balance between budget and construction cost. The cylindrical steel columns make the building lightweight, and the overall white tone gives it a clean and simple look.

The interaction of Pavilion 8 is carefully planned to enhance the customer experience. The circular arrangement of courtyards increases the surface area, lighting, ventilation, and visibility of the building. A semi-outdoor car display area is set up along the street to attract attention and increase the exposure of second-hand cars. The service system is centralized to improve work efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Visitors to the negotiation area can directly view the products, creating a seamless and engaging experience.

Located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, the Pavilion 8 project was realized between April 2020 and January 2022. Throughout the design process, the team focused on achieving the concept while considering low cost and constructability. The overlapping roofs and staggered roof plates not only serve functional purposes but also create attractive views and light effects.

Pavilion 8 has received recognition for its outstanding design. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Architecture, Building, and Structure Design category in 2023. This award acknowledges the project's creativity, technical skills, and contribution to quality of life improvements.

The Pavilion 8 project by Yao-Chi Shih showcases the possibilities of combining design, innovation, and greenery in a used car store. With its unique features and attention to detail, it sets a new standard for car store design, offering customers a visually appealing and engaging experience.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: YAO CHI SHIH
Image Credits: Rex chu, OS studio ,Shih,Yao Chi, Shi Ke Jin Ku Ma
Project Team Members: YAO CHI SHIH
Project Name: Pavilion 8
Project Client: YAO CHI SHIH

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Pavilion 8 IMG #5

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