Namito: A Commercial Art Toy Image Breaking Shackles

Ge Zhang's Namito: A Virtual Image for Mental Stress Reduction and Spiritual Freedom

Designed by Ge Zhang, Namito is a commercial art toy image that seeks to challenge societal norms and encourage individuals to embrace their unique identities. This innovative design, which has won the prestigious Golden A' Design Award, aims to reduce mental stress and promote spiritual freedom through its unique and engaging aesthetic.

Ge Zhang's inspiration for Namito stems from the observation that people often place undue emphasis on public opinion and external evaluations, effectively shackling themselves. Namito, a curious, optimistic, and brave character, was born out of this observation. This virtual art image encourages individuals to be bold, to be themselves, and to change their mindsets through their actions, all in pursuit of spiritual freedom.

What sets Namito apart is her distinctive design. She is a girl with peach-shaped lips, a red mushroom hairstyle, and rabbit ear-like headgear. She stands confidently in a striking red dress, her hands casually tucked into her pockets. Her eyes are closed, as if she is kissing the world with her unique pouted lips, shaped like two hearts or the letter "X". This design suggests a love for the world while rejecting the bad, encapsulated in her motto: "Yes, or No, That is Not a Question". Namito represents the dream pursuer of the city.

The realization of Namito extends beyond simple illustration. The prototype Portrait series is part of the creation of the IP image illustration, while subsequent series such as the Secret Garden, Alien Painting, and NFT series cover painting, sculpture, installation, and encryption art. To cater to commercial applications, Namito has adopted three business models: commodity authorization, commercial exhibition, and photo gallery authorization.

In terms of interaction, consumers can engage with the author through pictures and videos of Namito released on streaming media platforms. They can also experience the joyful atmosphere created by offline exhibitions of Namito and derive material satisfaction through Namito's co-branded products. This design has been realized since 2021 in China.

Ge Zhang faced the challenge of integrating other brands with Namito in cross-border co-branding cooperation. The solution was to incorporate brand features into Namito through second creation. This cultural collision between brands makes Namito fresher and more vivid, effectively conveying the idea of reducing mental stress and Namito's inner healing power more widely through the brand effect.

In conclusion, Namito is more than just a commercial art toy image. It is a symbol of spiritual needs, a beacon of individuality, and a call to action for mental stress reduction. Ge Zhang's design is a testament to the power of art and design in shaping societal norms and promoting personal freedom.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Ge Zhang
Image Credits: Beijing JiuPin Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Team Members: Ge Zhang
Project Name: Namito
Project Client: Ge Zhang

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Namito IMG #5

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