Rustic Zen: A Luxurious Nagpur Apartment

An Exploration of Rustic Spaces with Elegance

This expansive Nagpur apartment draws light and ventilation from all directions as a luxury of the sole floor owner. Designed by Prashant Chauhan, the Rustic Zen apartment combines rustic elements with a touch of elegance, creating a unique and captivating living space.

The clients expressed their preference for rustic spaces with a dash of elegance, presenting a challenge to the design team. However, this challenge was seen as an exciting opportunity to explore a new genre of design. The result is a stunning living room that spans approximately 2000 square feet and encompasses a formal living area, bar, family living space, and dining area.

The living room is a versatile space that can be cordoned off using glass partitions whenever desired. This allows for flexibility in creating separate areas while maintaining an open and airy feel. The design prioritizes natural light and ventilation, ensuring that the apartment is bathed in a soothing ambiance.

One of the unique features of this apartment is its layout. The design team amalgamated two apartments on the same floor, providing the client with the entire floor exclusively for their use. This layout allows for a spacious and uninterrupted living experience.

With a total area of approximately 400 square meters, the Rustic Zen apartment is located on the 6th floor of a high-rise building in Nagpur. The project commenced in October 2019 and was completed in January 2023, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail and dedication of the design team.

The design process involved studying the client's profile and lifestyle to create a space that accommodates their needs. The inclusion of staff quarters within the apartment ensures convenience and efficiency in daily operations.

One of the major challenges faced during the project was achieving the desired rustic appeal. The design team carefully selected materials and finishes to create a cohesive and authentic rustic aesthetic throughout the apartment.

The living area serves as the heart of the apartment, featuring a family living space, balcony, dining area, formal living area, and bar. This visually open space can be enclosed with a sliding partition as needed, providing privacy and flexibility. The guest bedroom, powder toilet, and kitchen are connected to the dining space, optimizing the flow and functionality of the home.

The family room acts as the binding glue between the bar, balcony, formal living area, and dining space. Its large and plush seating allows the entire family and extended family to gather and connect, fostering a sense of togetherness.

The Rustic Zen apartment by Prashant Chauhan is a testament to the harmonious blend of rustic elements and elegance. It showcases the designer's ability to create a unique and captivating living space that prioritizes natural light, ventilation, and functionality.

This design was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding and creatively ingenious designs that contribute to quality of life improvements. Prashant Chauhan's Rustic Zen apartment exemplifies the fusion of art, science, design, and technology, making it a truly remarkable living space.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Prashant Chauhan
Image Credits: IMAGE #1 : Prashant Chauhan (Creative Director) Pulkit Sehgal (Photographer) 2023 IMAGE #2 : Prashant Chauhan (Creative Director) Pulkit Sehgal (Photographer) 2023 IMAGE #3 : Prashant Chauhan (Creative Director) Pulkit Sehgal (Photographer) 2023 IMAGE #4 : Prashant Chauhan (Creative Director) Pulkit Sehgal (Photographer) 2023 IMAGE #5 : Prashant Chauhan (Creative Director) Pulkit Sehgal (Photographer) 2023
Project Team Members: Prashant Chauhan
Project Name: Rustic Zen
Project Client: Prashant Chauhan

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