ADA: The Futuristic Autonomous Vehicle

Redesigning the Concept of Mobility

Introducing ADA, a groundbreaking autonomous vehicle designed by Teodora Todorova

Teodora Todorova's ADA is not just another autonomous vehicle; it is a marvel of design and innovation that pushes the boundaries of what transportation can be. Inspired by the need for luxury and comfort in long-distance travel, ADA combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek and futuristic aesthetic.

One of the key features that sets ADA apart is its unique material composition. The car's sides and ceiling are made of transparent auxetic material, which not only provides structural stability but also adapts to different functions within the vehicle. This living material can shrink and expand, allowing for seamless integration with the car's interior.

ADA's interior configurations are equally impressive. Through the use of parametric design, Todorova has created clear lines that separate essential communicative elements from the dashboard, ensuring a clutter-free and intuitive user experience. The focus on comfort during travel is evident in every aspect of the interior, making ADA the perfect choice for families embarking on long journeys.

The realization of ADA's design is made possible by the use of auxetic material. This material not only bends and flexes as intended but also offers a range of possibilities in terms of transparency and density. With a simple command, passengers can enjoy panoramic views or create a closed-off space, providing a sense of privacy and tranquility while on the road.

Technical specifications of ADA include dimensions of 4974 x 2100 x 1420, with a scale model of 1:5. The car operates on electric power and is equipped with micro solar cells embedded in the ceiling, allowing for the accumulation of charge and extended range. In the event of low battery levels, ADA enters energy-saving mode and can be easily oriented towards a charging station located at the rear of the vehicle.

The ADA project began in November 2021 and was completed in January 2023. It will be showcased at the National Academy of Arts' Gallery in Sofia in July 2023. The design process involved extensive research into current trends and consumer requirements, resulting in a luxury vehicle that combines elegance and innovation.

Teodora Todorova's ADA has already garnered recognition in the design world, receiving the prestigious Iron A' Design Award in the Idea and Conceptual Design category. This award celebrates ADA's well-designed, practical, and innovative features that meet professional and industrial requirements. With its integration of industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, ADA contributes to a better world of transportation.

Copyright for ADA belongs to Teodora Todorova, 2023.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Teodora Todorova
Image Credits: Teodora Todorova
Project Team Members: Teodora Todorova
Project Name: Ada
Project Client: Teodora Todorova

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