Mijan: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Yaser and Yasin Rashid Shomali's Award-Winning Holiday House Design

Yaser and Yasin Rashid Shomali, renowned architects, have crafted a unique holiday house, Mijan, that harmoniously blends traditional and modern design elements. This design has been recognized with the prestigious Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023.

Inspired by local buildings in Gilan, Iran, with their characteristic sloping roofs, the Shomali brothers have created a design that is both familiar and innovative. The sloping roof, a nod to the local architecture, is visible from inside the house, adding a cozy feel to the interior. The exterior, meanwhile, boasts a striking triangular shape, softened by the addition of modern curves.

The Shomali brothers have used a solid and simple form to evoke a sense of power and safety. The extension of the sloping roof to the ground creates a harmonious connection with the surrounding environment, resulting in a futuristic and modern form. The interior is characterized by fluid and corner shapes, warm colors, and unique floor materials, all of which contribute to the cozy atmosphere.

Mijan was realized using a steel structure and a standing seam roof. The addition of white walls and large picture windows, influenced by the form of the sloping roof, allows for fluidity and transparency in the spaces. The villa spans two levels, with a total building area of 240 square meters on a 498 square meter plot.

The design process was a collaborative effort, with Yaser Rashid Shomali as the designer, Yasin Rashid Shomali as the architect, Mohsen Khastehband as the construction manager, and Yasamin Saber Zaeimian as the graphic designer. The project began in January 2023 and was completed in Gilan, Iran.

The main challenge of the design was the integration of the solid and sloping roof, as well as the height limitation imposed by the triangular form. However, the team's innovative approach and careful consideration of the local context resulted in a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

In conclusion, Mijan is a testament to the Shomali brothers' ability to blend tradition and modernity in architecture. Their innovative approach and attention to detail have resulted in a design that is not only visually stunning but also comfortable and functional, earning them well-deserved recognition in the form of the Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Yaser and Yasin Rashid Shomali
Image Credits: Yaser Rashid Shomali and Yasin Rashid Shomali, 2023.
Project Team Members: Designer: Yaser Rashid Shomali Architect: Yasin Rashid Shomali Construction Manager: Mohsen Khastehband Graphic Designer: Yasamin Saber Zaeimian
Project Name: Mijan
Project Client: Yaser and Yasin Rashid Shomali

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Mijan IMG #5

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