Hydrowash: Revolutionizing Laundry with Intuitive Design and Mobility

Vishwaksen Shekhawat and Chandradhar S. Redefine Washing Machines

Hydrowash, a unique washing machine design by Vishwaksen Shekhawat and Chandradhar S., aims to transform the laundry experience. Inspired by the needs of first-time users, the design combines functional simplicity, flexibility, and affordability, offering a delightful user experience.

The Hydrowash is a semi-automatic twin tub washing machine designed to be moved single-handedly. Its unique features include a Wash Arena interior that contains all spills and splashes, providing a hassle-free wash experience. The machine's boat-like profile, wheels, and pull handle grant it intuitive ergonomic mobility, fitting seamlessly into any practical and emotional context.

The design team leveraged injection molded plastics to realize their vision, pushing the boundaries of current production capabilities. The boat-like shape reflects the machine's mobility story, while the minimal monolithic exteriors with delightful detailing give it an unobtrusive and calming presence. This allows the machine to be stored in any living space without visual intrusion or embarrassment.

Hydrowash is not just about aesthetics; it's about functionality too. The machine has two tubs for washing and drying, with knobs and switches located under the main lid for a clean exterior and intuitive interior. The machine mechanizes the clothes wash process in stages but keeps the entire process open to active customization and adjustment. This design consideration makes it an efficient addition to the lifestyle in low-income compact housing.

The design process began in August 2019 and the product was launched in the market in July 2022. The project involved extensive research into the daily life of the low-income consumer, with a focus on practical insights of laundry activities, lifestyle, habits, and culture. The design was evaluated through a nationwide user survey, covering a wide spectrum of cultural and geographical diversity in India.

Despite the challenges of cost sensitivity and the conservative mindset of the consumer segment, the design team's passion and commitment led to the realization of this unique and differentiated design. The Hydrowash is a testament to the team's persistence and their dedication to consumer benefit. The design was awarded Silver in A' Home Appliances Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Vishwaksen Shekhawat
Image Credits: Vishwaksen Shekhawat
Project Team Members: Vishwaksen Shekhawat Chandradhar Singh Rathore
Project Name: Hydrowash
Project Client: Vishwaksen Shekhawat

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Hydrowash IMG #5

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