Chengdu Hyperlane Park: A Harmonious Blend of Architecture and Community

Aedas' Innovative Urban Symphony Wins Platinum A' City Planning and Urban Design Award

In a world rapidly reshaped by technology and societal shifts, Aedas presents Chengdu Hyperlane Park, a 2.4km long mixed-use development that harmoniously blends architecture with community. This innovative project, awarded the prestigious Platinum A' City Planning and Urban Design Award, redefines retail architecture by integrating social, retail, and creative spaces.

The Chengdu Hyperlane Park, designed by Aedas in collaboration with ASPECT and BPI, is a testament to the changing attitudes towards space and architectural design. Located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, the project started in July 2020 and is situated near a music conservatory campus, with residential and educational developments enveloping the surrounding neighborhood. The design draws inspiration from syllabic rhythms and sounds, fostering a musical motif through six different groups of architectural forms and facade lines.

The unique properties of this design lie in its fluid layout, which grants the building unity with its surrounding textures, highlighting the project's harmonious blend with its community. The movement of the project transcends the facade design, with the curves of the facade facing the development's neighborhood and connected by vertical metal elements. This innovative approach to design and architecture sets the Chengdu Hyperlane Park apart from other retail architecture projects.

The main portion of the development is allocated to a variety of businesses and functions such as retail, residential, and creative space. The creative space can be transformed into skate parks, interactive art installations, or performance spaces that appeal to people of all ages, enriching the public green corridor. This flexibility in design and function fosters a live-work dynamic, cultivating a sense of community within the urban landscape.

With a gross floor area of 135,324 m² and a land area of 68907.48 m², the Chengdu Hyperlane Park spans across 12 plots. The sky garden corridor, a 2.4 km continuous urban landscaped corridor, overlooks the city and project entrances, providing a leisure space that enhances the live-work dynamic. The project's design tags include Hyperlane, Urban Symphony, Urban Organism, Linear Sky Garden, Elegance, Vitality, Rhythm, Playfulness, Order, and Strength, reflecting the diverse elements incorporated into the design.

The Chengdu Hyperlane Park, designed by Dr. Andy Wen and Dongwei Wang, was awarded the Platinum A' City Planning and Urban Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes world-class, exceptional, and highly innovative designs that showcase unmatched professionalism, genius, and contribute to societal wellbeing. The award is a testament to Aedas' commitment to advancing the boundaries of art, science, design, and technology, and their dedication to making the world a better place through innovative and harmonious design.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Aedas
Image Credits: Image #1: Aedas Image #2: Aedas Image #3: Aedas Image #4: Aedas Image #5: Aedas
Project Team Members: Designer: Dr. Andy Wen Designer: Dongwei Wang
Project Name: Chengdu Hyperlane Park
Project Client: Aedas

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Chengdu Hyperlane Park IMG #5

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