Master Ji Gong: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Yitong Creative's Award-Winning Movie Poster Design

Yitong Creative's trailer poster for the 2021 Chinese animated film "Master Ji Gong" is a stunning blend of traditional Chinese art and cutting-edge design techniques. The poster, which won the Silver A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023, showcases the unique aesthetic of Eastern culture while pushing the boundaries of digital design.

The inspiration for the design was drawn from the writings of Zhao Zhixin, a Qing Dynasty poet. His description of poetry as a "magic dragon" that can be seen in parts but never in its entirety, served as a metaphor for the elusive charm of the dragon and deity depicted in the film. The designers sought to capture this ambiguity and deep-rooted connotation through the use of Chinese ink, a medium that they believed could accurately portray the film's romantic charm.

The poster features the film's main characters, a monk and a dragon, rendered in 3D software. The monk, clad in a red kasaya and holding a palm-leaf fan, and the dragon are depicted in a way that creates an oriental poetic and mysterious ambiance. This aesthetic is further enhanced by the use of Chinese traditional elements, highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the East.

The design process involved extensive experimentation with ink on various materials, including rice paper, hard paper, and cloth. The aim was to achieve the best natural and artistic result. The fluidity and flexibility of ink, while presenting a challenge due to its unpredictability, ultimately contributed to the unique visual effect of the poster.

The project, which was carried out by Zhejiang Ruichen Picture Co., Ltd. and Yitong Creative, began in April 2019 in Beijing and was completed in June of the same year. The poster was released shortly thereafter. The designers conducted extensive research into film poster design, Chinese animations, and the integration of traditional cultures in the digital age. This research, along with their innovative use of tools and techniques, resulted in a design that is both fresh and steeped in tradition.

In conclusion, the "Master Ji Gong" trailer poster is a testament to the power of blending traditional art forms with modern design techniques. It is a shining example of how cultural heritage can be preserved and promoted through innovative design, and serves as an inspiration for future projects in the field. The success of this design is evidenced by its recognition at the A' Design Awards, where it was awarded Silver in the Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design category.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: YITONG CREATIVE
Image Credits: Zhejiang Ruichen Picture Co., Ltd. Yitong Creative (Beijing) Media Co., Ltd.
Project Team Members: Zhejiang Ruichen Picture Co., Ltd.
Project Name: Master Ji Gong

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Master Ji Gong IMG #5

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