Revolutionizing Health with Miniaturized Oxygen Generator

Inogi R1: A Lifeline for Lung Disease Patients

Designed by Xiao Xu and Qi Yanbin, the Inogi R1 is a groundbreaking medical device that is set to redefine the way oxygen is supplied to patients with lung diseases. This miniaturized oxygen generator is a game-changer in the medical field, offering a pulse flow rate of up to 6L/min, a feature that sets it apart from existing products in the market.

The inspiration behind the Inogi R1 was the need for a more effective oxygen supply solution for patients with severe illnesses. Existing products in the market only offer an oxygen flow rate of up to 5L/min, which is insufficient for patients with severe lung diseases. This gap in the market led Xiao Xu and Qi Yanbin to design a miniaturized oxygen concentrator that can provide a pulse flow rate of up to 6L/min.

The Inogi R1 is the first of its kind. It integrates all the functions of a 20kg oxygen concentrator into a compact device that is widely used in clinical settings. The device's unique "Micro Pressure Control Analysis Technique" allows it to adapt to high-pressure and low-temperature conditions, making it usable even at high altitudes or in low temperatures. This impressive performance, coupled with its affordability, has made the Inogi R1 a favorite among consumers.

The Inogi R1 is powered by an in-house developed control system and an aerospace material compressor. This innovative design allows the device to separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air without the need for any additives. The device also filters out all kinds of impurities through a molecular sieve, providing an unlimited supply of oxygen with a concentration above 90%. The device also features an efficient ARM processor for precise detection and fast signal processing, and an intelligent MAAS system for easy operation and early warning of physical abnormalities.

Despite its compact size, the Inogi R1 is packed with features. It is 33% smaller and 23% lighter than similar products, making it highly portable. The device can be used in a variety of settings, including healthcare, high altitude exercises, highland travel, emergency rescue, and more. It is particularly beneficial for the elderly, children, pregnant women, sub-healthy white-collar workers, and students. The device can also operate at the highest altitude of 6,000m and the lowest temperature of -30℃, significantly broadening its range of applications.

The Inogi R1 is a testament to the power of innovation and design. It has been recognized with the prestigious Silver A' Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding design and innovation. The device has also been granted 47 patents and property rights, breaking the monopoly of overseas products and enhancing China's capacity for independent innovation in medical oxygen generators.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Xiao Xu
Image Credits: Xiao Xu
Project Team Members: Xu Xiao、Qi Yanbin
Project Name: Inogi R1
Project Client: Xiao Xu

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Inogi R1 IMG #5

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