Urban Pastoral Community: Affordable Rental Houses

Creating a Self-Sufficient, Low-Carbon Oasis in Shanghai

The Urban Pastoral Community, designed by Hang Chen, is a groundbreaking project that aims to address the demand for affordable rental housing in Shanghai while incorporating the city's urban background and China's carbon reduction policies. This innovative design creates a self-sufficient, neighborhood-rich, and low-carbon community within the urban area.

The inspiration for the Urban Pastoral Community stems from the national strategy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals in China, the life demands of "Shanghai drifters" (young people who come to Shanghai for work), and the urban background of the Shanghai epidemic. Hang Chen's design analyzes the multiple problems faced by the project and responds to them through a progressively layered enclosed building layout.

The design features a ground-level rural living area as the core, surrounded by a large area of vegetable planting coverage. This multi-level growing system provides safe and easily accessible food for the residents, contributing to the community's self-sufficiency. The use of low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials further enhances the project's sustainability.

The Urban Pastoral Community incorporates various renewable energy systems, including solar photovoltaic panels, pedal alternators, self-generating electricity floors, and self-luminous concrete. These technologies help reduce carbon emissions and meet the relevant requirements for building energy conservation and renewable energy utilization.

The planned area for the Urban Pastoral Community is 21,480 square meters, with a construction area of 53,700 square meters and a floor area ratio of 2.5. The project started in April 2022 and the design was completed in July 2022. It is currently in the preparation phase for construction.

One of the key challenges of the project was to create a widely recognized exemplary residential area amidst the abundance of affordable rental housing in Shanghai. By incorporating the national carbon reduction strategy, the lifestyle demands of Shanghai drifters, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Hang Chen successfully created a three-dimensional neighborhood environment that promotes community interaction while ensuring the residents' safety and well-being.

The Urban Pastoral Community not only provides affordable rental housing but also serves as a model project for the construction of similar communities in Shanghai. It showcases the possibilities of creating harmonious and sustainable urban environments that prioritize the well-being of residents.

Hang Chen's design has been recognized for its excellence and creativity. The Urban Pastoral Community was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Construction and Real Estate Projects category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges the project's outstanding contribution to art, science, design, and technology, as well as its positive impact on improving the quality of life in urban areas.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hang Chen
Image Credits: Hang Chen
Project Team Members: Hang Chen
Project Name: Urban Pastoral
Project Client: Hang Chen

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