Reshock Coffee: A Sunrise-Inspired Gift Box

Unboxing the Beauty of Ali Mountain

Reshock Coffee, a Taiwanese brand from Chiayi County, has introduced a unique gift box that captures the essence of the sunrise view at Ali Mountain. Designed by Weiche Wu, the gift box offers customers a journey of unboxing that mirrors the experience of witnessing a breathtaking sunrise. With its innovative design and attention to detail, Reshock Coffee's gift box is a true treasure from the mountain.

The packaging of the gift box is meticulously crafted to showcase the iconic sunrise view at Ali Mountain. As customers hold the box in their hands, they are immediately drawn to the anticipation of discovering the content inside. The unboxing process becomes a ceremonial journey, allowing them to experience the beauty of the sunrise as they unveil the treasure hidden within.

What sets Reshock Coffee's gift box apart is its incorporation of nature and culture elements from Ali Mountain. Inside the box, small packs of coffee are adorned with prints depicting local flora, fauna, and other natural wonders. These silhouette-like designs depict creatures facing the rising sun, symbolizing the nurturing power of Ali Mountain in producing these exquisite coffee beans. As customers savor the high-quality coffee, they are transported to the majestic landscape of Ali Mountain.

The gift box is made from paper and features a unique drawer-like structure. By pulling out the inner box, customers are treated to a mesmerizing sunrise movement, further enhancing the unboxing experience. The dimensions of the gift box are 420 mm x 200 mm x 40 mm, providing ample space for the coffee packs and ensuring a visually stunning presentation.

The Reshock Coffee gift box project was a collaborative effort by Union Atelier, with Weiche Wu serving as the Brand Design Director and Jiasin Jhang as the Senior Visual Designer. Their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to capturing the essence of Ali Mountain resulted in a truly remarkable design.

The Reshock Coffee gift box project began in July 2021 and was completed in January 2022 in Taipei, Taiwan. Since its launch in January 2022, the gift box has been well-received by customers who appreciate the unique blend of art, design, and coffee.

Prior to the project's commencement, extensive research was conducted to gather materials and inspiration from Ali Mountain's natural environment. This research included studying plants, animals, insects, and natural movements, which served as the foundation for the design of the gift box. The goal was to transfer the local elements into a tangible packaging structure, allowing customers to experience the beauty of Ali Mountain with every unboxing.

One of the main challenges faced during the design process was translating the iconic sunrise movement into a tangible packaging design. By carefully studying how customers would interact with the box, the design team successfully incorporated this concept into the packaging, creating a magical and unforgettable unboxing experience.

Reshock Coffee's gift box is a testament to the brand's commitment to showcasing the beauty and quality of Taiwanese coffee. With its sunrise-inspired design and attention to detail, the gift box not only delivers a high-quality coffee experience but also allows customers to immerse themselves in the captivating landscape of Ali Mountain.

Reshock Coffee's gift box design has been recognized with the prestigious Bronze A' Design Award in Packaging Design. This award celebrates designs that demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness, and a commitment to improving the quality of life. By incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology, Reshock Coffee's gift box has truly made the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Weiche Wu
Image Credits: Photographer: Weiche Wu
Project Team Members: Union Atelier Brand Design Director: Weiche Wu Senior Visual Designer: Jiasin Jhang
Project Name: Reshock Coffee
Project Client: Weiche Wu

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Reshock Coffee IMG #5

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