AdaptDx Pro: A Revolutionary Leap in Ophthalmic Medical Devices

MacuLogix and MPR's Innovative Design Wins Platinum A' Design Award

AdaptDx Pro, a groundbreaking wearable headset, is transforming the fight against age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This innovative medical device, designed by MacuLogix and MPR, is a game-changer in the ophthalmic industry, offering a unique, comfortable, and efficient testing experience for patients and eye care professionals.

The inspiration for the AdaptDx Pro stemmed from the limitations of the original AdaptDx, a traditional tabletop device. Weighing 45 pounds and requiring a completely dark room for testing, the original device demanded significant time and effort from both the patient and technician. MacuLogix and MPR reimagined this experience, transforming the bulky device into a lightweight, wearable headset that creates a personal dark room for the patient. The device is guided by Theia, an onboard technician that uses artificial intelligence to administer self-guided tests.

The AdaptDx Pro's unique properties set it apart in the ophthalmic medical device industry. The device features a comfortable padded head strap, adjustable to each patient, and eye cups equipped with one-time-use Comfort Guards, ensuring a light-tight seal with optimal comfort and hygiene. The device's design accommodates both adult men and women, offering a universal one-size-fits-all solution.

Creating the AdaptDx Pro involved a series of critical engineering activities, including industrial design, optical design optimization, circuit board design, and mechanical design. The team used rapid prototyping of optical assemblies for light testing to characterize performance and designed approximately 30 injection molded parts for the device.

The AdaptDx Pro is not just a wearable device; it's an interactive tool. Precision optics modules align with the patient's pupil using infrared camera technology, which continually detects pupil size and ensures patient alignment. Theia, the onboard technician, uses artificial intelligence to provide adaptive voice prompts, guiding the patient during testing. Technicians can monitor test status from the built-in display positioned on the front of the headset.

The development of the AdaptDx Pro was a significant undertaking, requiring over 20,000 hours of effort packed into a tight 16-month schedule. The device's design was informed by a pivotal study led by Gregory R. Jackson, PhD, which found that the Rapid Test for dark adaptation is a highly accurate measure of DA impairment associated with AMD and is useful in the detection of the disease.

The AdaptDx Pro was awarded Platinum in the A' Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award in 2020. This prestigious award recognizes world-class, exceptional, and highly innovative designs that showcase unmatched professionalism, contribute to societal wellbeing, and make the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: MPR Associates, Inc.
Image Credits: Image #1: Designer Christopher Terella, Main Image, 2020. Image #2: Designer Christopher Terella, Configuration, 2020. Image #3: Designer Christopher Terella, Exploded View, 2020. Image #4: Senior Producer Robert Wood, In Office, 2020. Image #5: Senior Producer Robert Wood, Action Shot, 2020.
Project Team Members: MPR and MacuLogix product development MPR: Craig Mauch Ralph Paul Craig Swanner Drew Carlton Chris Terella Luke Thomson Chris Hile Eli Diehl Zach Glickstein Ioannis Stamatiou Kamron Fazel Bineyam Tafesse Maria Pascale Melissa Milstrey Maculogix: Greg Jackson David Orr Nathan Smith Dave Beecher Laura Walter
Project Name: AdaptDx Pro
Project Client: MPR Associates, Inc.

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AdaptDx Pro IMG #5

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