Revolutionizing Footwear Manufacturing: The Nexcell Orbit RX

King Steel Machinery Co., Ltd. Unveils Innovative Physical Foaming Elastomer Injector

In the realm of footwear manufacturing, the Nexcell Orbit RX by King Steel Machinery Co., Ltd. stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. This physical foaming elastomer injector is set to redefine the industry with its unique properties and advanced technology.

The Nexcell Orbit RX is a groundbreaking addition to the market, being one of the few physical foaming elastomer injectors capable of mass production. This new model is an evolution of the previously developed NexCell machine. It is designed to reduce production costs while offering superior stability, performance, and productivity. The Orbit RX links different processes through two trays, offering multiple production modes to cater to varying product needs. Combined with a physical foaming system, it provides the optimal solution for mass production of physical foaming elastomer injectors.

Currently, most of the footwear industry relies on EVA foam for midsoles. However, this material poses several challenges, including harmful gas generation during decomposition, non-recyclability, complex manufacturing processes, and difficulty in controlling the finished product's size. The NexCell Orbit RX addresses these issues, enabling the production of lighter shoes that are environmentally friendly and meet consumer expectations.

The Orbit RX boasts a robust enclosure and shock and impact resistance, essential for precision machines. Its design features include a linear shield design to prevent dust, convenient side and rear entrances for material/mold replacement and routine maintenance, and a black sheet metal coating for durability and aesthetic appeal.

The machine's color scheme combines a comfortable and stable white base with the brand's signature blue, creating a sense of technology and precision. The rear side of the machine features a modular enclosure design with a laser-cut mesh window of the brand logo, enhancing brand recognition and facilitating heat dissipation, monitoring, and safety protection.

The Orbit RX's unique design allows for reduced equipment investment and optimized factory space utilization. It achieves this through a new process involving two twin guns and a multi-mode multi-station with trays for the same process and output. The machine's physical foam injection system uses supercritical gas mixed with plastic, resulting in environmentally friendly, recyclable products with high automation. The material can be 100% recycled for sustainable use.

Despite the challenges faced in its development, the Orbit RX has proven its worth by winning the Silver A' Manufacturing and Processing Machinery Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is a testament to the machine's remarkable design, technical excellence, and innovative approach. Looking forward, the Orbit RX's potential extends beyond the footwear industry, with possible applications in sports protective equipment, IC packaging, transportation, and other fields requiring foaming elastomer.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: King Steel Machinery CO., LTD
Image Credits: King Steel Machinery Co., Ltd.
Project Team Members: King Steel Machinery Co., Ltd.
Project Name: Nexcell Orbit RX
Project Client: King Steel Machinery CO., LTD

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