Resonance Clues: A Unique Residential Design by Hung Yu Chen

Exploring Space Penetration and Material Harmony

Inspired by the desire for a cold and modern aesthetic, the Resonance Clues project by designer Hung Yu Chen showcases a unique approach to residential design. By utilizing stacking techniques and a careful selection of materials, the design team has created a space that balances a cool metallic tone with natural textures. This innovative design not only achieves a visually striking aesthetic but also enhances family cohesion and provides a quality living environment for the future.

The key to the uniqueness of Resonance Clues lies in the use of building materials to create a penetrating aesthetic and the layout to enhance family cohesion. The design team employs three different materials with distinct effects - gray steel stone, dark titanium plated steel, and dark metal - on the flooring, laminate, and facade respectively. By combining these materials, the designers metaphorically represent the traces of life, bringing a natural ambiance of time passing into the neutral and cool tone space.

The realization of Resonance Clues involves the use of various building materials such as woodwork, iron, stone, glass, titanium plated steel, baked iron, and mirror fluoridization. Rather than relying on complicated patterns or carvings, the project focuses on the harmonious combination of different materials. For example, the iron plates on the wall behind the sofa are produced through high-temperature kiln firing to create a gradation of color and pattern. The gray stone facade features irregular patterns, adding layers of light and shadow to the space.

The specifications of Resonance Clues include a 550 square meter apartment with three bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, and two bathrooms. The private areas are strategically staggered in three directions within the public area, forming independent spaces. Facade extensions and the use of different materials blur the boundaries between the public and private spaces, creating a magnified visual effect. The reflective materials used in the design may appear cold, but they possess a special mottled texture that preserves the traces of time.

The design team behind Resonance Clues, led by Hung Yu Chen, has successfully broken the traditional definition of space. The open plan public area, from the foyer to the living room and master bedroom, eliminates the need for partitions, resulting in a sense of transparency and visual penetration. The three bedrooms, positioned at different angles in the living room, form a stable triangular structure that allows family members to observe and interact with each other from any angle, fostering a warm and cozy daily life.

Resonance Clues was completed in January 2022 in Taiwan. The design research for this project focused on creating a warm atmosphere within a cold and neat aesthetic. The use of metals, with their different characteristics and styles, contributes to an affordable luxurious atmosphere and provides the family with the most comfortable interior design in terms of details and space. Techniques such as titanium plating, brushed aluminum finish, random patterns, and polishing are employed on the metals, which serve as facades, laminates, or details, resulting in a stylish residence that exceeds the client's expectations.

The design of Resonance Clues faced two main challenges. Firstly, the presence of large beams, including the living room ceiling and entrance, required creative solutions. The design team wrapped the beams with corrugated panels to give the living room a lively image, while black mirrors were used to eliminate the bulkiness of the structure. Secondly, the integration of materials, particularly in the foyer facade where the beam continues to the ceiling, required careful consideration. Stone, steel, and wood panels were harmoniously combined to solve the problem of vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Resonance Clues is a testament to the design team's ability to create a space that challenges conventional definitions. By incorporating different materials and utilizing innovative layout techniques, Hung Yu Chen and the design team have crafted a residential design that is not only visually stunning but also fosters a sense of connection and harmony within the family. This project, awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023, exemplifies the best practices in art, science, design, and technology, contributing to the improvement of quality of life.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hung Yu Chen
Image Credits: WEIMAX STUDIO
Project Team Members: Hung-Yu Chen
Project Name: Resonance Clues
Project Client: Hung Yu Chen

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