Extraction: A Fresh Take on Cafe Design

Hsu Ti-Pin's Award-Winning Design for Cuiqu Cafe

Discover the unique architecture and interior design of Cuiqu Cafe, a chain store coffee brand in Taiwan, designed by Hsu Ti-Pin. This innovative design, inspired by the concept of extraction, won the Silver A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

Hsu Ti-Pin, the designer behind the project, drew inspiration from the Chinese word for extraction, Cuiqu, which is also the name of the brand. The design concept was to combine the brand story with the building's structure, creating a multi-layered reality through the use of different materials and geometric blocks.

The cafe is housed in an independent building with a height of 6.5m, featuring large windows on both sides for ample lighting. The exterior is a blend of black, grey, and white, a simple yet stylish design that quickly made it a popular spot upon completion. The interior is adorned with 3D geometric forms resembling an hourglass, a nod to the cafe's specialty - ice drip coffee.

The building's top is made with greenish-grey metal corrugated boards, while the middle section is painted with weather-durable white granite paint, decorated with linear arrays and the cafe's name with backlighting. Inside, a soft white tone is complemented by a generous amount of warm wooden texture, metal lights, and a greyish-blue brand logo.

One of the design's unique features is the image wall at the entrance, showcasing the ice drip coffee logo. Behind this wall is the open coffee zone, adding dynamism to the space. The sofa booth seating area features a horizontal triangular montage on the back wall, reinforcing the image of an ice drip coffee maker and extending the brand concept further.

Despite the challenges of designing a commercial dining space, Hsu Ti-Pin successfully balanced customer accommodation, comfort, brand image, and profitability. By clearly dividing the work zone, the design increased the interaction between the buyer and the seller, offering a flexible spatial arrangement.

With its innovative design and unique brand concept, Cuiqu Cafe stands as a testament to Hsu Ti-Pin's creativity and expertise. It is no surprise that this design was awarded Silver in the A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023, a prestigious recognition of top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hsu Ti-Pin
Image Credits: Liu Po-Nien
Project Team Members: Hsu Ti-Pin
Project Name: Formula
Project Client: Hsu Ti-Pin

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Formula IMG #5

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