Tranquility: A Unique Residential Design by Ye-Siang Huang

Creating a Serene Living Space with Innovative Features

One of the highlights of the Tranquility project is its emphasis on maximizing resting space. Designed by Ye-Siang Huang, this residential space takes advantage of its 3.6m height through an open plan and mezzanine design, creating a layout that is distinct from regular residences. The unique features and thoughtful design elements make Tranquility a standout in the world of residential architecture.

The kitchen island in Tranquility is a true multi-functional space. It serves as a dining area, office area, and sitting area, providing versatility and convenience for the family members. Additionally, a projection screen installed in the ceiling allows for movie nights and entertainment. The design team also transformed the closet to accommodate a drop-down table, maximizing the use of space. The mezzanine design adds another layer of functionality, providing a separate area for various activities.

Tranquility is realized using a combination of natural solid wood veneer, titanium plated metal, natural marble, thin slabs, refractory bricks, laminate flooring, and more. These materials create a unique and inviting atmosphere, while also ensuring the use of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.

With a total area of 109 square meters, Tranquility features an open plan layout with a kitchen island as the core. The space is divided into three semi-open independent areas, allowing for flexibility and privacy. The mezzanine design serves as a bedroom, study room, and storage space, making the most of the available square footage. The use of pure materials sets Tranquility apart from standard residences, creating a truly unique living experience for the client.

Tranquility is characterized by its open plan design, industrial style, dark tones, and eco-friendly materials. The use of metal throughout the space, combined with solid wood and marble, creates a rustic and fresh atmosphere. The inclusion of gravel helps regulate humidity and maintain better air quality, contributing to a healthier living environment.

Completed in June 2022 in Taiwan, Tranquility is the result of extensive research and careful planning. The design team aimed to create a calm and dark industrial style for the private areas, while still maintaining an open and connected feel. The kitchen island serves as the focal point, allowing for various activities and interactions. The open-plan double bedroom for the children, complete with a projection screen, adds a touch of fun and excitement to the space.

The mezzanine design presented a challenge during the project. The design team had to carefully consider the height restrictions and ensure that the space was comfortable and functional. Piping and wires were pre-built to overcome these challenges and create a comprehensive plan.

Tranquility embodies the industrial style with its use of solid wood, natural materials, marble, and metal. The combination of these elements creates a deep and introverted texture, while the absence of mirror elements adds to the overall aesthetic. The natural stone and oil-painted door panels echo the surrounding natural scenery, adding a touch of prestige to the space. The open plan design seamlessly connects each area, creating a harmonious and joyful living environment.

Tranquility is a testament to the innovative and thoughtful design approach of Ye-Siang Huang. Its unique features, use of eco-friendly materials, and attention to detail make it a standout residential project. It is no wonder that Tranquility was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in 2023, recognizing its well-designed, practical, and innovative nature.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Ye-Siang Huang
Image Credits: Purple-Inkstone Interior Design
Project Team Members: Ye-Siang Huang
Project Name: Tranquility
Project Client: Ye-Siang Huang

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