The 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer: A Symphony of Innovation and Transformation

Cheng-Hsuan Lin's Award-Winning Design Breaks Conventions and Redefines the Music Awards Landscape

Cheng-Hsuan Lin's trailer for the 31st Golden Melody Awards, a prestigious music event, is a testament to the power of creative innovation and the endless possibilities of design. This article delves into the unique properties, inspiration, and realization of this groundbreaking project.

At the heart of the 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer lies an intriguing concept: the dissolution and rebirth of tradition. The trailer begins with a Golden Melody trophy melting down, symbolizing the event's departure from conventions and its continuous evolution. As generations pass, the awards reshape and reinvent themselves, exploring new possibilities and exerting an intangible yet profound influence, much like water seeping into every land and spreading like a ripple.

The idea for this innovative approach came from observing the world around us. In 2020, the global pandemic forced us to pause and rethink many aspects of life. This concept of rebirth became the main theme of the video, inducing two different viewing experiences through the melting and final turning of the trophy into diffusion and flow.

Realizing this concept required a blend of creative and technical expertise. The trailer features a total of 29 awards divided into 9 categories, each represented by a unique scene. Different styles of creative media were used to interpret the possibility of each kind of music in the Golden Melody Awards, signifying that each type of music deserves to be affirmed.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the design team, led by Cheng-Hsuan Lin, managed to redefine the different possibilities of the Golden Melody Awards. The result is a trailer that not only represents the diversity of Chinese pop music but also symbolizes the resilience and adaptability of the creative industry in the face of adversity.

The 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer was started in May 2020 and finished in August 2020 in Taiwan. The project was a collaboration between various entities, including 27 Design Co., Ltd., WinSound Studio, Just Busy Music Studio, and 112F Recording Studio. The trailer was launched in August 2020.

Cheng-Hsuan Lin's innovative design approach has earned the 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer a Silver A' Movie, Video and Animation Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is a testament to the trailer's outstanding expertise, creativity, and innovation. The project serves as an inspiration for future generations of designers and reaffirms the transformative power of design in reshaping traditions and exploring new possibilities.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: 27 Design
Image Credits: Production & Design: 27 Design Co., Ltd. Music & Sound Production: WinSound Studio Strings: Just Busy Music Studio Recording Engineer: Zen Chien Recording Assistant: Chris Chen Recording Studio: 112F Recording Studio
Project Team Members: Director: Cheng-Hsuan Lin
Art Director: Qian-Han Chen
Producer: Yu-Hsiang Peng, Weiting Zhou
Designer: Qian-Han Chen, Bonnie Lu, Xiao-Man Lin, Chung-Yi Wu, Hsiang-Lan Tsai, Ying-Fang Kao, Yi-Wei Wu, Sopedou Fu, Hsin Lin
Animator: Bonnie Lu, Gene Jiang, Bruce Chen, Benson Chang, Peng-Hau Wang
Colorist: Yihsun Chiang, Cheng-Hsuan Lin
Music Design: Hsiao-Chin Lin, Szu-Yu Lin , Company: WinSound Studio
Strings: Shuon Tsai, Nala Huang, Weapon Gan, Hang Liu , Company: Just Busy Music Studio
Recording: Zen Chien, Chris Chen, Company: 112F Recording Studio
Project Name: The 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer
Project Client: 27 Design

The 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer IMG #2
The 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer IMG #3
The 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer IMG #4
The 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer IMG #5
The 31st Golden Melody Awards Trailer IMG #5

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