Cotangens: Bringing Indoor Comfort Outdoors

A Showcase of Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

By Sara Kele

By the post-pandemic era, our communal activities have significantly shifted outdoors. CoTangens is a furniture family inspired by this shift, bringing the beauty, comfort, and practicality of indoor furniture out to the sun. For the individual and the community alike, with strong character yet endless variability. CoTangens is a beautiful outdoor furniture collection with a graphic character. A fretty construction structure makes it fit any natural environment without changing its ambiance. Clever modularity makes it adaptable to any situation of outdoor human coexistence. It’s also a showcase for newly developed sustainable materials, proving their endurance in the harshest environment: the outdoors.

CoTangens stands out from other outdoor furniture collections with its unique properties. The furniture's fretty construction allows it to seamlessly blend into any natural setting without disrupting the ambiance. Its clever modularity ensures that it can adapt to various outdoor situations, making it versatile and practical. Additionally, CoTangens serves as a platform for sustainable materials, showcasing their durability and resilience in outdoor conditions.

The production of CoTangens prioritizes long-term sustainability. The furniture is made using high-quality materials that can withstand constant use and exposure to the elements. The covers are zip-fastened, making them easy to change for cleaning or to update the color. The pillows are crafted from a special outdoor material that is waxed and water repellent. Notably, CoTangens features Bananatex, a revolutionary fabric made from naturally grown Abacá banana plants. This fabric is not only durable but also fully degradable at the end of its life cycle. The frames of the furniture are sintered and coated with a UV-resistant powder, ensuring their longevity. The sitting surfaces are made from coconut and recycled foam, further contributing to the collection's sustainable design.

CoTangens offers a range of furniture pieces, including armchairs, sofas, tables, shelves, chairs, and more. Each piece is meticulously designed with precise dimensions to ensure both comfort and functionality. The collection's geometric forms and carefully matched Earth tone color palette create a modern and graphic character that harmonizes with various outdoor environments.

The CoTangens project was developed from September 2021 to March 2022 in Budapest and Tata cities in Hungary, as part of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency's DesignLab incubator program. The collaboration between designers and manufacturers allowed for the exploration of using Bananatex fabric outdoors. The result is a design that combines innovation, sustainability, and functionality.

CoTangens has garnered recognition in the design industry, receiving the Iron A' Garden and Outdoor Furniture Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges the collection's well-designed, practical, and innovative nature, meeting professional and industrial requirements. CoTangens is celebrated for integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, providing fulfillment and positive feelings while contributing to a better world.

With CoTangens, Sara Kele has successfully brought indoor comfort and style to outdoor spaces. This collection showcases the possibilities of sustainable design and offers a unique and versatile solution for outdoor furniture.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Sara Kele
Image Credits: Image #1 : Janos Kmetyko Image #2 : Janos Kmetyko Image #3 : HFDA, Milan Racmolnar Image #4 : Janos Kmetyko Image #5 : Janos Kmetyko
Project Team Members: Sara Kele
Project Name: Cotangens
Project Client: Sara Kele

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