Peace Hunter: A Poster Series Advocating for Global Harmony

Wadumestri Kasun's Award-Winning Design Sheds Light on the Importance of Peace

Wadumestri Kasun, a renowned designer, has created a unique poster series named "Peace Hunter". This series aims to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining peace in a world where certain factions thrive on discord. The design, which won the Silver A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023, is a poignant reminder of the potential harm caused by a breach of peace.

The inspiration for this series comes from Kasun's personal experiences in Sri Lanka, a country that gained independence after thirty years of war. The designer witnessed first-hand the tragic consequences of conflict and the vested interests of certain parties in maintaining a war-like atmosphere. This experience has led to the creation of the Peace Hunter series, a non-partisan message that emphasizes the dangers of disrupting peace.

The Peace Hunter series stands out for its universal appeal and timelessness. Unlike typical peace posters that often feature doves, olives, or weapons, Kasun's design pushes the boundaries of conventional imagery. The designer has successfully avoided pointing fingers at any race, religion, country, or person, focusing instead on the universal aspects of peace and the potential exploitation of its disruption.

The design process involved a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop software and photography. The result is a series of 17 inches X 22 inches posters that captivate the viewer's curiosity through unique image and color blending and text manipulation. The design encourages self-communication based on the relationship between image and text, prompting the viewer to reflect on the importance of peace.

Despite the challenges of creating a design that propagates against any form of war and avoids displaying harmful imagery, Kasun has successfully produced a series of posters that highlight the importance of maintaining peace. The design does not merely focus on the horror and pain caused by war but also emphasizes the truth about the parties that benefit from conflict.

In conclusion, Wadumestri Kasun's Peace Hunter poster series is a powerful tool for promoting peace and unity. The design's unique properties and the designer's innovative approach have earned it the prestigious Silver A' Design Award, a testament to its outstanding artistic skill and technical excellence. The Peace Hunter series serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving peace in a world where discord can be exploited for personal gain.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Kasun Wadumestri
Image Credits: Kasun Wadumestri
Project Team Members: Kasun Wadumestri
Project Name: Peace Hunter
Project Client: Kasun Wadumestri

Peace Hunter IMG #2
Peace Hunter IMG #3
Peace Hunter IMG #4
Peace Hunter IMG #5
Peace Hunter IMG #5

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