Revolutionizing Urban Architecture: The Bloom by Jung-Te Lin

Champion Tile's Flagship Store Redefines Sustainable Design

In the bustling urban landscape of Taichung City, Taiwan, stands a testament to sustainable architecture and innovative design - The Bloom. Designed by Jung-Te Lin for Champion Tile's 50th anniversary, this refurbished building is a bold statement of the brand's commitment to eco-friendly solutions and a celebration of the evolution of tile as a versatile building material.

The Bloom, a flagship store for the renowned building materials brand Champion Tile, is a gallery-like structure that hosts diverse exhibitions, dynamic events, and customer gatherings. The design concept, rooted in sustainability, reflects Champion's mission to provide eco-friendly material solutions. The building's exterior, adorned with locally produced recycled 2cm tiles, not only gives it a bold new look but also serves as an effective heat insulator.

Technology has significantly broadened the possibilities of tile application, moving beyond traditional impressions. The evolution of tile as a recyclable and environmentally friendly building material is evident in The Bloom's design. The building's façade, with its color gradient and varied angles, presents a soft V-shaped curve that subtly integrates the building with the brand's logo. This visual rhythm brings vitality to the building, symbolizing the prosperity of the brand.

The Bloom's design is a seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces. The external tile façade extends to the Level One arcade and interior in smooth arc lines, creating a consistent visual effect. The building's parapet, with its slightly downward arc, softens the cold and rigid image of the building with elegant line segments. The rooftop garden, a semi-open design available for outdoor events, displays external tiles and offers clients an experience of the outdoor breeze under a modern metal-framed glass roof.

As a refurbished building project, The Bloom posed several challenges. The design team had to reimagine the image of a 50-year-old industry leader and flip the traditional tile appearance. However, the final design successfully positions the brand in a new light, showcasing the potential of tile as a versatile, sustainable building material. The project is a cost-efficient solution for old building regeneration and a flip of the brand image through the image of a gallery.

The Bloom is a testament to Champion Tile's commitment to sustainability and innovation. The project, completed in May 2022, has already garnered recognition. It was awarded Silver in the A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding design and innovation. The Bloom stands as a symbol of the brand's prosperity, a flower blooming in the urban forest.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: JUNG-TE LIN
Image Credits: Yuchen Chao
Project Team Members: Champion Building Materials Co., Ltd. Wen Yuan Peng Louisa Lu Stephen Liao An Sheng Hsiao Shi Xuan Li Yi Ting Liu
Project Name: The Bloom
Project Client: JUNG-TE LIN

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The Bloom IMG #5

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