Revolutionizing Home Aesthetics: The Su Series by Wang Lu

Blending Traditional Chinese Aesthetics with Contemporary Design

Wang Lu's Su Series, a system furniture design, redefines home aesthetics by combining traditional Chinese elements with a modern touch. This award-winning design offers a unique solution to integrating door and wall cabinets within a home, while maintaining a warm, contemporary simplicity of Chinese style.

The Su Series draws its inspiration from the defining characteristics of Chinese aesthetics, imparting a contemporary feel to the traditional style through the restructuring of color, scale, and material. The overall tone is based on the sophistication and connotation of the original wood color. The beauty of the irregular is highlighted with metal and deep chestnut red, made simpler through the use of wood and matte finish.

What sets the Su Series apart is its unique system design. It provides a practical solution to the challenges that arise when integrating door and wall cabinets within a house. The design uses a combination of the Chinese mortise and tenon construction, and the metal and wood are intended to "bite" together in order to achieve scale-based increases in strength. This design helps to unleash the vastness of the place when there is a significant amount of white space.

The Su Series is constructed using aluminum and wood. The user can retrieve the necessary storage module to complete the combination, allowing for a variety of space storage functions. The design uses the composition of the point line surface in an extremely controlled manner, creating a warm appearance that highlights the contemporary simplicity of Chinese style.

Technical specifications of the Su Series include dimensions for a TV cabinet, sideboard, screen cabinet, kitchen, and cloakroom. These specifications ensure the design fits seamlessly into any home, providing a free and simple home area enclosed by the wall, cabinet, floor, and counter. Unlike typical houses, the closet, bookshelf, wine cabinet, and cabinet all extend from the area and become a part of it, creating an integrated home space.

The Su Series was completed in China in 2022, after extensive research into modern lifestyles and the concept of "balancing". The design faced creative challenges in preserving the East's understated elegance while showcasing a more global and contemporary style. The result is a design where a feeling of technology coexists with a sense of naturalness, all tinged with Chinese red.

This innovative design was recognized with a Silver A' Furniture Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation. The Su Series by Wang Lu is a testament to the power of design in transforming home aesthetics, blending traditional elements with contemporary style to create a unique and practical solution for modern homes.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wang Lu
Image Credits: Wang Lu
Project Team Members: Wang Lu
Project Name: Su Series
Project Client: Wang Lu

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