Sunmoon Tea Shop: Blending Old and New in Nantou County

Preserving History and Embracing Modernity

The Sunmoon Tea Shop, designed by Yu-Ting Chen of MUYU Design, is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements, creating a space that honors the past while embracing the present.

Located in Nantou County, Taiwan, the Sunmoon Tea Shop stands as a testament to the rich history and culture of the region. The design concept revolves around retaining the existing parts of the building, incorporating them seamlessly with modern materials to create a harmonious and inviting space.

The inspiration for the design came from the desire to emphasize the traces of time and preserve the authenticity of the building. Pure and simple elements such as rusted iron, solid wood, and concrete floors were chosen to highlight the building's history and create a sense of nostalgia.

One of the unique features of the Sunmoon Tea Shop is the integration of traditional materials with modern design elements. The existing roof tiles and loess bricks were carefully preserved and integrated into the design, creating a connection between the past and the present. The solid wood table, for example, is spliced with the existing wooden beams, giving it a distinctive character.

The realization of the design involved the use of rusted iron, solid wood, and concrete floors as the main materials. These materials not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the space but also contribute to its durability and longevity.

The Sunmoon Tea Shop spans an indoor space of 45 square meters and an outdoor space of 24 square meters. It features a bar, seating area, sales area, and toilets, providing a comfortable and functional environment for tea enthusiasts.

One of the interactive elements of the design is the plants on the solid wood handle, which serve as an indicator of whether the store is open or not. This playful addition adds a touch of whimsy to the space and engages visitors in a unique way.

The project, which started in May 2018 and was completed in August 2019, posed several challenges. The structure of the building was old and weak, requiring reinforcement with H-beams when a hole was dug in the wall between the two warehouses. Despite these challenges, the design team successfully transformed the space into a stunning tea shop that seamlessly blends old and new.

The Sunmoon Tea Shop is a testament to the designer's commitment to preserving history and integrating it into modern design. By carefully preserving and incorporating traditional building materials, the design pays homage to the local tea culture and creates a space that is both visually appealing and culturally significant.

The Sunmoon Tea Shop, designed by Yu-Ting Chen, has been recognized for its outstanding design. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges the creative ingenuity of the design, its incorporation of best practices in art, science, design, and technology, and its contribution to improving the quality of life.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Yu-Ting Chen
Image Credits: Image #1~5 :Photographer, lllooimage。 COPYRIGHT:® by MU.YU.Interior Design Co,Ltd Video Credits: ® by MU.YU.Interior Design Co,Ltd
Project Team Members: Yu-Ting Chen
Project Name: Sunmoon
Project Client: Yu-Ting Chen

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