Meishan East Town: A Harmonious Blend of Architecture and Nature

Dalu Architectural Design Firm's Award-Winning Creation

Meishan East Town, a project by Dalu Architectural Design Firm, is a unique architectural masterpiece that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings. This project, located in the core area of future Meishan East New Town, has been recognized with the prestigious Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023.

The project is composed of a Citizen Service Center, a Conference Center, a Neighborhood Center, a Talent Center, a Library, and an Enterprise Headquarters Base. The design team, led by creative designer Liu Yao, has added independent Conference Center and Library to provide more space for citizen activities, thereby improving the supporting services of the whole project.

The exterior of the building adapts to local conditions, presenting a beautiful curve that blends with the mountains and lakes. The clean, white architectural skin harmonizes with the surrounding environment, making it a unique landmark building in Meishan. This design approach has significantly increased the environmental and land value of the area.

The project utilizes glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) for the building surface material, chosen for its strong plasticity to reflect the beauty of the building curve and define the flexible architectural language. The project adopts an all-steel structure, with the middle arch of the main steel structure of the Citizen Service Center spanning over 40m. This combination of GRC and steel structure has effectively solved the streamline modeling and large-span structure problems of buildings.

The design team faced significant challenges in construction, particularly with the staggered streamline modeling of the GRC and glass curtain walls. The construction of junctions between materials, the waterproof system, and the structural support system of the curtain wall were extremely complex. However, through innovative design and installation solutions, these challenges were successfully overcome.

The Meishan East New Town project is not just a building, but a free, open, and ecological civil space that provides more places for civil activities. It respects the site and preserves the mountains and waters, embodying the principle of "not digging up the mountains or filling in the ponds". This design approach has resulted in a unique cultural landmark that not only reflects the historical context of the city but also provides consultation, service, education, culture, and entertainment for the citizens.

The Meishan East New Town project is a testament to the Dalu Architectural Design Firm's commitment to blending architecture with nature, respecting the environment, and creating spaces that serve the community. It is a shining example of how architecture can enhance a city's landscape and provide valuable spaces for its citizens.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Liu Yao, Zheng Ran and Zou Yuhua
Image Credits: 图片#1:arch-exist photography,2022 图片#2:arch-exist photography,2022 图片#3:arch-exist photography,2022 图片#4:arch-exist photography,2022 图片#5:arch-exist photography,2022
Project Team Members: Creative Designer: Liu Yao Design Team: Zou Yuhua, Zheng Ran, Zhao Xiang, Tian Wenpeng, Fang Xiaobo
Project Name: Meishan East Town
Project Client: Liu Yao, Zheng Ran and Zou Yuhua

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Meishan East Town IMG #5

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