Nippon Shinyaku Koku: Redefining Office Space in Kyoto

A Unique Design by Reiichi Ikeda

Incorporating the idea of "tuzukima" in Japanese architecture, the Nippon Shinyaku Koku office space breaks the boundaries of traditional office design. Designed by Reiichi Ikeda, this innovative project aims to create a space that gently forms individual areas, providing a personalized experience for its users.

Located in Kyoto, the headquarters of Nippon Shinyaku, a pharmaceutical company, underwent a transformation to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The project, which began in late 2019, faced temporary setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic but was finally completed in the summer of 2021.

The design team, led by Reiichi Ikeda, envisioned a free address space that would stand out among the neighboring office buildings near Nishioji station. To achieve this, they incorporated diagonal lines in the form of V-shaped glass walls, creating a distinct boundary between the inside and outside. The floor tiles, originally designed for outdoor use, overflow into the interior space, blurring the line between the two.

One of the unique features of the Nippon Shinyaku Koku design is the use of steel frames that trace the outlines of the fusuma, Japanese paper sliding doors. These frames are scattered along the skeleton beams, creating walls that go beyond their functional purpose of privacy and sound insulation. They aim to control consciousness and create an open space that gently forms individual areas.

The design team carefully selected materials to bring their vision to life. The floor features magnetic tiles on a mortar base, while the walls incorporate PB groundwork AEP and round pillars with mortar metal trowel holders. The existing slab base serves as the ceiling, and fixtures such as tables and counters showcase a combination of wood finishes and exposed concrete.

Reiichi Ikeda's design for Nippon Shinyaku Koku spans an area of 369.8 square meters. The project required collaboration with various entities, including Aji Architects, Modulex for lighting, and fabriscape for the curtains, among others.

By seamlessly blending the interior and exterior, incorporating traditional Japanese concepts, and emphasizing individual areas, the Nippon Shinyaku Koku office space offers a unique and personalized experience for its users. It is a testament to the innovative and thoughtful design approach of Reiichi Ikeda and his team.

Photographer: Yoshiro Masuda

Award: Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category (2023)

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Reiichi Ikeda
Image Credits: Photographer:Yoshiro Masuda
Project Team Members: design/REIICHI IKEDA DESIGN Reiichi Ikeda partner/Aji Architects Tomoko Nagahiro lighting/Modulex Jun Ikeda bgm/Espec Junji Ozono curtain/fabricscape Kiyohiko Yamamoto green/Bond Satoshi Tanii art/Tokuhiro Kano funiture/inter office Akio Hayashi custom lighting/vaoplace Hirohumi Oba interactive Satoshi Kamewaka sign/kantaro Midori Hirota Constructor/Kanazawa Contruction Hideki Kanazawa Photographer/Yoshiro Masuda Photographer:Yoshiro Masuda
Project Name: Nippon Shinyaku Koku
Project Client: Reiichi Ikeda

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Nippon Shinyaku Koku IMG #5

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