Epitome: A Unique and Innovative Diet Clinic Design

Creating a Spacious and Tranquil Environment for Healthy Living

The Epitome design by Yi-Hsiang Cheng is a private clinic that breaks away from traditional frameworks to provide a sense of spaciousness and aesthetic value. With a focus on serving clients with overweight and obesity issues, this VIP clinic offers a unique and innovative approach to healthcare.

The main inspiration behind the Epitome design is the concept of healthy body shapes and spatial ambience. The clinic aims to guide patients towards a healthy lifestyle through various services. The central core with circulation around the concept plan layout makes the space clearer and more transparent, enhancing the overall experience for patients.

What sets the Epitome design apart is its deviation from the conventional dwelling framework typically seen in clinics. The layout was carefully planned to maintain a sense of spaciousness, even in a relatively small space of 200 m2. Each material used in the space has its own unique feature, contributing to a humble tranquility that promotes relaxation and well-being.

The color scheme of the Epitome design sets the fundamental visual base, while the lighting quality adds visual depth with a poetic melody. Beige gray mineral paint is used on the ceiling and walls to create a soothing atmosphere. Dark orange glass surfaces on the side of the aisle provide visual extension, and black stainless steel is used for space division and decoration.

One of the key considerations in the design is the user's movement within the space. The aisles are wider than normal, and the corners of the walls are decorated with circular arcs, creating a smooth flow and enhancing the overall experience. The design aims to transform each space detail through the process of diet and exercise, promoting a holistic approach to health.

The Epitome design project was completed in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, starting in July 2021 and finishing in June 2022. The challenges faced in this project included the narrow and dusky layout of the traditional townhouse. However, through the application of different materials and careful space organization, the design team successfully guided light and created a well-organized service area.

The Epitome design has been recognized for its excellence and innovation, receiving the Iron A' Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is given to designs that meet professional and industrial requirements, showcasing practicality, innovation, and integration of industry best practices. The Epitome design truly embodies these qualities, providing a unique and effective solution for clients seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Yi-Hsiang Cheng
Image Credits: Image#1-5: CCH Image Studio
Project Team Members: Yi-Hsiang Cheng
Project Name: Epitome
Project Client: Yi-Hsiang Cheng

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Epitome IMG #5

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