Giossa: A Testament to Tradition and Innovation

Gentlebrand's Award-Winning Wine Packaging Design

Unveiling Giossa, a premium Prosecco packaging design by Gentlebrand, that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, paying homage to the UNESCO-recognized Valdobbiadene hills.

Giossa, a wine packaging design by Gentlebrand, is not just a container for Prosecco sparkling wine, but a tribute to the rich heritage of the Valdobbiadene hills. The design draws inspiration directly from the vineyard, with engravings on the bottle that mirror the vineyard's landscape. The name Giossa, meaning 'drop' in Venetian dialect, is a poetic nod to dew-kissed grapes sparkling in the morning sun.

The uniqueness of Giossa lies in its intricate design and the strong bond it establishes with the territory and nature. The bottle appears as if it has emerged from the vineyard, wrapped in vine branches, symbolizing the quality and origin of Prosecco. The label, with its wood-like effect, further enhances this connection with nature. The choice of papers for the label ensures it remains unaffected by moisture, maintaining the premium look and feel of the bottle.

The creation of Giossa followed a standard technical design process, beginning with a handmade sketch and culminating in 3D CAD modelling. The bottle is made of glass, crafted using the standard bottle glass manufacturing process. The label, made of different types of paper, is printed using offset technology to ensure the best finishing quality.

The project, which began in mid-2021 at Gentlebrand's San Vendemiano base, was completed in time for the Drinktec tradeshow in Munich in September 2022. Here, technical experts in the beverage industry from around the world had the opportunity to appreciate the aesthetic and technical features of the Giossa bottle design.

The design process involved extensive research into the Prosecco wine tradition and its connection with the territory. The objective was to create a packaging design that could effectively communicate this heritage. This research included studying wine magazines, interviewing wine experts and wineries, and using the collected data to create the storytelling behind the concept. The design also meets the technical requirements of local wine producers.

The most significant challenge faced during the design process was the engineering of the bottle's 3D model. The designers successfully incorporated graphic elements reminiscent of vineyards, such as leaves, branches, birds, and grapes, into the container, creating a three-dimensional effect. This design, patented under the EUIPO (European Community), was recognized with a Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, a testament to its remarkable blend of technical expertise, creativity, and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Gentlebrand Design Team
Image Credits: Gentlebrand Design Team
Project Team Members: Gentlebrand Design Team
Project Name: Giossa
Project Client: Gentlebrand Design Team

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