Wenbiao Du's "Lang": A Fusion of Art, Culture, and Gastronomy

Exploring the Unique Design of Lang, a Chuan Cuisine Lounge

Unveiling the innovative design of "Lang", a Chuan Cuisine Lounge by Wenbiao Du, that seamlessly blends Chinese culture, contemporary art, and gastronomy into a unique dining experience.

Wenbiao Du, the creative mind behind GBD DESIGN, has crafted an extraordinary space for food enthusiasts and art lovers alike. The design of "Lang", a Chuan Cuisine Lounge, is inspired by the rich Chinese culture, particularly the mask of Sichuan Opera, an artistic treasure of Sichuan opera. The design caters to the aesthetic preferences of the new generation of consumers who value uniqueness and prioritize experiences.

"Lang" is more than just a restaurant; it is a leisure social "art museum" that offers a dining experience during the day and a wine lounge at night. The restaurant, resembling a black "magic box", is divided into various sections, each themed after a different cocktail, such as tequila sunrise, black cherry, blue margarita, and sunset martini. Each space embodies a unique character, creating a fascinating collision between Eastern and Western cultures and aesthetics.

The design of "Lang" is not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious. The main dining area uses environmentally friendly red, blue, and black 3m film material. The red fish-shaped water bar is made of pure copper, with the middle section crafted from red corrugated acrylic. The ground is made of color-stable artificial stone, and the ceiling primarily uses mirror dry hanging. The VIP dining room features walls adorned with art texture paint, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the space.

The restaurant covers an area of about 380m2 and caters to high-end business people and internet celebrities. The seating arrangement is designed to ensure privacy and a sense of space, with the open dining area divided into three independent sections. Each section is designed to accommodate a different number of people, ranging from two to six. For larger groups of more than ten people, two large private rooms are available.

"Lang" is not just about the physical design; it's also about the interaction and experience it offers. The restaurant creates a dramatic experience that satisfies all aspects of taste, vision, and hearing through environmental factors such as distinctive design, color matching, music, flame lights, and more. It allows guests to enjoy the combination of food and art, experiencing the promotion of traditional cultural innovation to the traditional quintessence culture.

Despite the challenges faced during the design process, such as incorporating the art of Sichuan opera into the entrance corridor and crafting the red silk curtain installation, the final result is a testament to the designer's creativity and technical prowess. The design of "Lang" has been recognized with the prestigious Golden A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding and trendsetting creation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: GBD
Image Credits: WANGTING
Project Team Members: GBD DESIGN
Project Name: Lang
Project Client: GBD

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