Private Collection: A Modern and Cozy Residential Design by Grey Su

Creating a Light and Airy Feel in a Small Space

Finding ways to create a light and airy feel that expands the visual space is key to designing a small residence. Using lighter and a consistent color palette can help enlarge the room, while matching it through to the low beam can draw the eyes to travel continuously to the ceiling, making the room appear more spacious. The spaces are reorganized in distinct styles by incorporating various forms, curved shapes, wood, grilles, and paint. Considering the needs of residents, light, and moving flow, the layout changed from the original three-room into a more open-spacious one to enhance the shared space ratio. The master bedroom and guest bedroom are intentionally arranged diagonally to avoid interfering with each other. Meanwhile, the kitchen becomes the center of the warm gathering, while everyone can enjoy their own living scenery.

This residence features a modern style that embraces neatness and simplicity. Natural light is filtered through the mix and match of materials with an unobstructed layout. Reflective surfaces like mirrors, gray glass, and metallic materials enhance the play of light and contribute to a harmonious atmosphere. The interplay between the cool, grayscale fair-faced concrete and the warm wood creates a natural and rustic texture that adds to the home’s cozy ambiance. In this residence, time seems to slow down, offering a peaceful refuge for homeowners to enjoy life in their own unique way.

Solid wood board, wood grain board, system cabinet, art paint, aluminum extrusion, fluted glass, hydrofluoric acid glass, and SPC floor were used in the realization of this design. In the space of 76 square meters, there are a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and two bedrooms.

Upon entering the room, the straight and unobstructed light-bathed corridor offers a wide visual depth. The dark grey flooring provides a subtle contrast to the welcoming warmth of the natural wood floors in the communal areas. With the usage of wooden grating around the island area and extending across the façade and ceiling, not only conceals the low beam and fire pipes but also creates the ambient for bonding and engaging with family and friends. A sliding door is embedded between the grating with different densities, cleverly hiding the door to the bathroom. The band of black is integrated with the lights and door lock, giving a highlighting effect to extend the visual space and reduce pressure from the low beam.

In the entryway, a sliding door concealed the distribution box behind; the gray glass door is equipped with a hand-drew curve shape dressing mirror, giving it a sense of freedom and blending practicality with aesthetics. A folding display platform sits precisely, following the wall curvature, evens out the unevenness of the original structure. Embedded light strips warm up a welcoming atmosphere, further enhancing the sense of comfort upon entering the house. To continue with the simplicity and extend the spaciousness, the dining room is thoughtfully designed with a bench deck by utilizing the original shortcoming of the layout. Instead of chairs, benches create a more open and spacious feel that offers flexibility while minimizing visual clutter.

In order to create a more fluid connection between the living and dining areas of the vertically divided layout, the common wall has been artfully curved, resulting in a unique and visually stunning effect. The rounded curve extends all the way to the TV wall; it is complemented by the simplicity that spreads across the fair-faced concrete surface, which also adds an element of vigorous coziness to the space softly. On the other side of the curved wall, the interweaving wooden shelves create a display wall that enhances the light and shadow play in the room. The master bedroom continues the same concrete texture, with a neutral grayscale color theme that imbues the space with a sense of elegance and a perfect sleeping environment. The bedside wall, which curves outward in a soft, large arc, fosters a feeling of stability and security in the bedroom; at the same time while separating the closets and dressing area.

The Private Collection design project was completed in September 2022 in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is a testament to the designer's meticulous attention to detail and creative problem-solving skills. The design has been recognized for its excellence and innovation, receiving the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award is bestowed upon outstanding and creatively ingenious designs that authenticate experience and resourcefulness. The Private Collection design showcases strong technical and creative skills, contributing to quality of life improvements and making the world a better place.

Image Credits: The Mile Design Studio

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Grey Su
Image Credits: The Mile Design Studio
Project Team Members: Grey Su
Project Name: Private Collection
Project Client: Grey Su

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