Bonacchi: Functional and Elegant Stand for Vinitaly

Award-winning design by Franco Pupillo

The Bonacchi stand for Vinitaly was born from the need to give a new and more appropriate identity to the company to communicate its value. The customer's request was for an open but at the same time reserved stand. The strength of this project is its simplicity, enhanced by the materials: oak wood, glass, and mirrors with satin lines, creating a natural sensation to enhance the wines on display. The feature that makes it truly unique is the internal confidentiality.

The Bonacchi stand for Vinitaly, designed by Franco Pupillo, has been awarded the prestigious Bronze A' Design Award in the category of Trade Show Architecture, Interiors, and Exhibit Design. This award recognizes outstanding and creatively ingenious designs that authenticate experience and resourcefulness, incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology.

The inspiration for this design came from the customer's needs, which prompted Pupillo to search for simple yet valuable solutions suitable for the company and the wines on display. The challenge was to create an open stand that also offered privacy for visitors. The solution was a glass stand with partially obscured glass, featuring satin strips where the names of the wines can be read in transparency. The top of the glass is printed with a transparent shade that gradually darkens towards the bottom, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

The stand measures 14,000mm x 4,500mm with a height of 4.00m. The front panel is made of bleached oak with the backlit Bonacchi logo inside. The columns are covered with mirror dibond and satin stripes, giving an effect of depth and movement highlighted by LED lights. The acid-etched burnished glasses are made in two coupled layers, with a shaded print that obscures the lower part. This allows visitors to see the stand from the outside while providing privacy for those sitting at the tables. The office area has a front wall made of burnished acid glass and side walls made of spaced oak slats, creating a sense of openness and reservation.

The Bonacchi stand for Vinitaly successfully combines functionality with aesthetics. The simplicity of the design, along with the carefully chosen materials, creates a natural and elegant ambiance that enhances the wines on display. The internal confidentiality feature adds a unique touch, making the stand stand out among others.

The project started in September 2021 and ended in April 2022, with the exhibition at Vinitaly 2022. Throughout the design process, Pupillo conducted extensive research to meet the customer's needs for a functional and elegant stand that was both open and reserved. The use of wood, tinted shaded glass, and mirrors with satin strips proved to be the perfect combination to achieve the desired effect.

The Bonacchi stand for Vinitaly is a testament to the creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail of Franco Pupillo. This award-winning design not only communicates the value of the company but also contributes to the overall quality of the exhibition, making it a better experience for visitors.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Franco Pupillo
Image Credits: Franco Pupillo
Project Team Members: Franco Pupillo
Project Name: Bonacchi
Project Client: Franco Pupillo

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